Horseback Riding

Has anyone done the Horseback riding thing at Ft. Wilderness? DH and DD scheduled this activity for 8AM on our Epcot day when I believed Epcot was not going to open until 10 AM. Now, the park is opening at 8:30 AM and my Epcot plans are trash. :roll_eyes:

Can anyone tell me if this is worthwhile? Should they apply bug spray ahead of time? Will they need to allow time to shower afterward? Any information/opinions would be much appreciated!

Tim Tracker just had a video out a week or two back of their riding experience:

It’s 45 minutes in duration, plus the time to check in etc.

They did not seem bothered by bugs but it was February so less buggy then anyway.

It seemed worthwhile for something off the beaten path. If I were staying at the Fort I’d do it on a day off or a late park day as a morning activity. It does not seem like something I would go out of my way to do though if I wasn’t staying there.

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Thank you! I will have them take a look at this!

We did the horseback riding in the before times and it was one of the greatest activities we have done on site so far. It was such a blast! I don’t think you need bug spray, but probably it can’t hurt. No showering necessary afterwards. You stand on a platform to get onto the horse. The horses are trained to follow one another through the trails, and you have a guide on their own horse with you the whole time. My DDs horse would not listen to her (she was young at the time, maybe 10?). The horse kept stopping along the trail to get a snack from the surrounding bushes. Ultimately, the guide took control of DD’s horse by taking the reins and tying them off to her horse. I absolutely recommend doing it!

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Thanks !

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