Horseback Riding at Fort Wilderness

I’m trying to make a reservation for horseback riding at Fort Wilderness. There are times available up to 11/28. From 11/29 through 12/21 - nothing.

Is horseback riding no longer available after Thanksgiving?

I was able to book the holiday sleigh ride a few days ago, even though at the time it showed on MDE as “unavailable”. Weird

It’s strange, but I’d guess that if you call, you’ll be able to book it. You can only book by calling anyway. We did it over the summer and had fun.

Thanks! I will try calling. Now I’m torn between the horseback riding and the holiday sleigh ride.

I would do the sleigh ride over the trail ride. The only thing you see is woods and the trail and maybe some deer. It was a lovely ride but I imagine the sleigh ride would be so much fun and you’d see campsites lit up maybe.

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I might book this for the kids for the next trip - do you know if adults can walk along with them? (I have no real desire to sit on the horse!)

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We did horseback riding at Fort Wilderness last June and really enjoyed it. Kids voted it as their favourite activity of the trip.
Keep in mind though, kids should be at least 9 years old to ride. There is also an upper weight limit.
I do not believe you can walk along, but you can always ask if you decide to book.


They also do pony rides if you’re less adventurous.

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I am not sure. Let us know if you call and find out more. I’m curious.

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