Horror Night with a 12 year old?

I’ll be heading to Universal the weekend of the 4th for a dad/son trip…didn’t even really look into the HHN information since they would be finished before our arrival…except now they aren’t finished since they added the 4th/5th.

I’ll look at the information in earnest now…but has anyone brought kids to this? Not sure that I would even want to go through the hassle…but I’m sure that I would enjoy it. The 12 year old?

I have no doubt opinions will vary…but curious as to past experiences here. My son has a 15 year old brother who he hangs out with regularly (and friends)…so he does act a bit older…but is still 12.

Hmmm…looked at the first video on the site…thinking this is probably a no…but still curious for input…

It’s a very intense experience. It’s definitely not in the same universe as Disney Halloween. When I was that age I loved horror movies and would have enjoyed it, though now that I’m older it’s no longer my cup of tea. These days though people tend to be way more cautious and protective so it would depend on a lot on your kid and what they are used to or how easily they are frightened.