Hopping to Hollywood Studios

When planning my week at Disney World this fall, do you think I should avoid trying to hop to Hollywood Studios later in the day to avoid long lines getting in and possible park closures? Or do you not think this will be a big deal? I’m going Sept 24-Oct 1 so Galaxy’s Edge will have been opened for 4 weeks by then. I was hoping to use extra magic hours in the morning at a different park to ride without long lines and then hop over to HS for the afternoon and evening. I am also planning to spend one morning in HS on the day it has EMH. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!

Any ideas are a total shot in the dark. We just have no idea what the true impact is going to be.

Me personally? I’m avoiding HS entirely until it settles down, which is to say I’m not putting it into any plans until SWGE has opened and we get some data.

Thanks for your response and I understand that no one can predict the chaos!

This is our family’s one and only trip to Disney, so avoiding HS is not an option for me.

Not sure whether to be excited or disappointed by the early opening of Galaxy’s Edge. We had thought to have picked a time when crowds would be low. I am a big Star Wars fan, though, so I’m excited that I might have a chance to see the land.

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On your ‘hop’ day, maybe book an ADR for an early lunch, which hopefully will at least get you in HS. Also, you can do HS quite easily in a day ( without trying to do SWGE obviously ).

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That’s a great idea! We are not planning to do any table service, but I saw something about ABC Commisary starting to offer reservations as of June 2. Maybe that would work? I’m assuming it’s still quick service. Not sure if I read something about the reservations being 4pm or after…


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I don’t think that there is a minimum spend at TS restaurants. So you could book an ADR and just have a drink and share a dish. I think…I haven’t tried this.

I totally get that.

So then if you are definitely going to go, I would be inclined to go at RD and I would probably have an ADR set up to get you in the door without question JIC

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