Hopping and Genie+ Conundrums

I’m really struggling trying to plan how to use Genie+ on hopping days.

I know the details of the rules of Genie+, how to make Genie+ reservations, and how to stack for later but I can’t figure out the best way to reserve/use/stack/etc to maximize use. Our family enjoys all the things. We want to do most attractions if we can and repeat our 2-3 faves in each park.

I’d like some tips for my days 1, 3, and 5–like what would you use Genie+ for? 1st park until return times are after we hop? 2nd park stacking starting at 7 am? A mix? There are toooo many options. Doesn’t seem like Genie+ is great for hopping days. Any real world data? What do you suggest? Crowds are expected to be moderate (4-7).

Day 1: RD EE MK–hop to HS (hop at 3ish, no break)–buy ILL for ROTR
Day 3: RD EE AK-hop to EP with EEH (break from 1ish until 5)–6pm BG for GOTG
Day 5: RD EE HS- hop to MK with EEH (hop at 4ish, no break)

We also have afternoon days at EP, AK, and MNSSHP, and our last day TBD to get some stuff done.

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In general I would suggest:

Hopping to DHS and MK give the better options for stacking, because G+ return times for some rides will reach the afternoon fairly quickly at 7am.

When hopping to Epcot you might as well make use of G+ at your first park until the return times for rides you want to do at Epcot get pushed out far enough.

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I feel like I definitely didn’t use Genie+/BG1 as efficiently as I could have on our recent trip and our crowd levels were a bit lower than your predicted levels, but we rode everything we wanted and rode favorites multiple times. We rope dropped and tended to get the earliest lightening lane of a favorite ride and then ride book ride in the first park until times were sufficiently advanced in the second park and then would start booking in second park and switch to things in first park that don’t need LL (shows, food, playgrounds, scavenger hunts, low tier rides, shopping etc.) until it was time to hop. It also helped that we got a couple golden tickets