Hoping Gondolas open early

I know it’s a longshot, but since Galaxy Edge is opening early. We are at POP in May and I like to see how it is at least once. I saw where the price for POP will go up because of them. If that puts them in the moderate price range I don’t think it will be worth it.

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They will want the gondolas open before Galaxy Edge. But May, whilst possible, seems too early IMO.

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I have my fingers crossed that they won’t open until AFTER my trip June 1-13. We’re staying at AOA and I won’t ride in the gondolas. Ever.
@ryan1 understands. :grin:

I’m super excited for the gondolas and staying at Pop in mid-August. I think I have a good chance of them being open. Trying to decide where to stay at Pop, knowing possible gondola crowds. Any thoughts?

Pete on the Dis podcast said he thought he heard mention of moving the opening to April, but he couldn’t remember where he heard/saw that since most sources still say fall.

I will say my cousin-in-law just got hired by Disney to be on the maintenance crew for the gondolas (so cool!) and he has to move I the next couple weeks.

I want to ride in July! Unlike others - I’m pretty sure I won’t get struck by lighting…or figure if I do it means APs for life so… worth it? :grimacing:


I’m concerned that the lines for the gondolas might be long, but I don’t care. My wife and 7 year old are afraid of heights, but again, don’t care! They can do anything they want so long as it doesn’t interfere with me getting to ride.

Lol. I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of them. Oh well, makes for less of a line for me!

I think May is possible. Didn’t we hear there was testingn with one uncovered just the other day? To me it seems like they will be open soon

any chance they’ll do a tiered opening? like some routes open but not all? or is that not the disney way (other than the tiered SWGE opening)

Reports are they will open all at once.

Potentially they could open the CBR to DHS line early, since that is where all the testing is happening just now. But there really wouldn’t be a lot of point. Imagine you’re staying at CBR, you hear the gondola is running and you go to the station only to find you can’t get to Epcot and you have to go and get a bus instead. There would be very unhappy people!