Hoping for a Growth Spurt

Our countdown is 49 days (new decade!) and our DS2 (almost 3) is about 1/2" short for 7DMT. I’m hoping for a little pixie dust to give him a little growth spurt before we arrive. We already have a FPP for it and we’ve been watching youtube videos. He is so excited to ride a roller coaster! We’re staying at ASMu and he keeps asking to see pictures of the giant maracas. Now if we can just manage to get to March!

Very likely that the little guy will grow that extra 1/2 in over the course of the next two months! If not, he would probably like the Barnstormer - the min height for that is only 35".
My youngest recently turned 2 and was 35.5" at her checkup last week. She’s the daredevil of the family so glad she will be able to ride the Barnstormer when we vacation next month! (Plus it’s probably just enough thrill for my more-cautious 4yo!)

Oh, we’ll definitely be doing the Barnstormer, too. I’m so excited for his first trip!

Is he tall enough when wearing shoes? A pair of thick-soled sneakers might do the trick.

People have also been known to use Gatorade caps as “lifts” in shoes to get a little bit extra. I am not endorsing this, and I do not want to start a discussion as to whether it is right to do this - those sorts of threads can go south very quickly.

Maybe they make platform shoes for two-year-olds? :wink:

My DS2 was to short last year. When DH suggested we go back to WDW again this year, I suggested going in September instead of May just to give DS3 a better chance to getting to ride all them rides. He is over 38", but at 40" he can ride almost everything

My youngest is tiny for his age…

We found that a good way to encourage growth (if that is at all possible) is to get them doing muscle building exercise. For us that was getting him on a peddle bike with stablizers. Well worth a try.

Our next aim is to get our son tall enough for the Jurassic Park ride. He’s have just turned 5 by the time we go in 7 months time… and he’s 40 inches at the moment and needs to be 42". Fingers crossed.

Good luck… Get him on a bike :blush:

That 1/2 inch will probably only be 1/4 inch by March. Try thick soled gym shoes and have him stand up straight. Good luck!

35 days and only 1/4" to go (with shoes on.) I’m feeling pretty confident we’ll be ready by March!