Hopelessly Confused About Airport Transportation

I’m making my first UOR trip ever with a very quick solo trip in early April, and have no clue how to get from the airport to Cabana Bay (and back) safely and quickly. I had all but decided on a taxi but then read this on Universal’s website: “For your safety and convenience, Universal Orlando offers a dedicated location for getting picked up or dropped off by car, including by rideshare services such as Uber. (Taxi services are offered in a separate location near the bus loop.)”

  1. Does this mean I must get dropped off essentially on the other side of the resort and somehow make my way to the hotel itself?

  2. Regardless of dropoff/pickup location, will I need to call for a taxi back to the airport, or will there be cabs on standby right there?

Any clarification is greatly appreciated!

I believe that is talking about outside of CityWalk? I have taken rise share and private transport to ROR to/from MCO and they always pick me up/drop me off outside the lobby.


This is for people coming into the parks each day at the parking structure / CityWalk entrance. You can get dropped at your hotel entrance by your taxi/Uber. (I use ride shares at from MCO to Universal. It’s right outside baggage pick-up. When you open the App, you’ll see so many available. Many are often circling the airport waiting for anyone to request a ride. Depending on the time of day you shouldn’t have to wait long.)

You will need to call a taxi or Uber yourself. There’s a dedicated area outside the hotel entrance where you can meet them. This way taxi/Uber doesn’t block the buses at the hotels constantly picking up guests to go to the parks at the hotel entrances.


Yes, just say you’re going to Cabana Bay and they got it.