Hopefully Decent Plan

Howdy all, and thanks in advance. I’m trying to solidify our touring plans, and I’m hoping with some guidance/input, I can have as few “snags” as possible. I’m guessing there are some real pros on here, that can find where my mistakes are.

Mom, Dad, and 7 yr old boy, heading to DW 11/2-11/8.
Staying at Swan. 11/2, we fly into Orlando at 10pm. 11/8 we fly back home mid afternoon - that am will just be chilling at the hotel. Touring will be 11/3 thru 11/7.

Assume we will be at rope drop EVERY day. Dad and boy are early go getters.

Rope Drop at Epcot for 8am EMH.

  1. Exp Test Track (hopefully twice)
  2. Exp Soarin (hopefully twice)
  3. Turtle Talk
  4. Living with the land
  5. Dis/Pixar Short film
  6. Fastpass 9:50 am start for Spaceship Earth
  7. Fastpass 10:55 am for Mission Space
    12:55 pm Lunch at Mama Melrose in Hollywood. Fantasmic VIP pkg.
    Back to Swan to relax

4:10 pm - Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
4:40pm - Sergio
5:10pm - Fastpass - Frozen Ever After

7:30PM - Fantasmic VIP at Hollywood.

9pm Illuminations at Epcot

I ran day 1 by two folks that have done Disney recently. They both said that I’m not overdoing it. I was really questioning trying to shove Illuminations in there at the end of this day, but We’re at the Swan. At the very worst, Supposedly the fake beach st Swan is said to be a very decent spot for Illuminations, but I think we’ll be able to get back to the lagoon in Epcot to view. Seems like too much hopping, but the Swan is close to both Hollywood and Epcot, and we should have decent time to use the Friendship boat so we are not walking. Note that after lunch, we’re pretty much just one ride, and the rest of the time is shows (and probably some VERY decent snacking.)

Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom EMH 8am.

  1. Straight to Kilimanjaro Safari.
  2. Everest
  3. Primevil Whirl
    4.Triceratop Spin
  4. FastPass 9:45 am DINOSAUR (FP are available now!)
  5. Tough to be a bug
  6. Lion King 11am
    Lunch - FLAME TREE (looking fwd to this! I might sneak out of lion king a little early to beat the crowd)
    TAMU TAMU - DOLE WHIP (if open, and they have it)
  7. 12:30pm FLIGHTS OF WONDER
  8. Fastpass - kali river rapids 12:30-1:30 (sneaky overlap, but it’s really close to the bird show)
  9. Fastpass - Expedition Everest 1:50pm.

5pm: Dinner at Hotel
6pm: Indiana Jones Show at Hollywood
7pm: find something to do at Hollywood, maybe a fastpass, maybe just wander around.
8pm: Star Wars Fireworks Show
8pm-10 EMH, hopefully not too crowded. (target rides: Toy Story, Tower Of Terror, Star Wars Adv Continues.) If it’s too crowded, consider bus to MK for Wishes, or even AK for new night River show, if it’s even possible.

(I’m staring to second guess if I even need these AK fastpasses. I’m wondering If I should schedule Fastpasses for Hollywood early evening instead. There IS a 5k in the early morning at AK this day, however.)

Captain Cook’s FOR TONGA TOAST!
Rope Drop at MK. (9am)

  1. 7 Dwarfs
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Space Mountain
    4 Tomorrowland Speedway
  4. Buzz Lightyear
  5. (if feasible, Splash Mountain)
    LEAVE MK (monorail to Epcot, then boat or walk back to Swan)
    Lunch at Swan.

5:00 PM: Character Dinner at Swan

Fastpass Peter Pan 6:50-7:50
FastPass Pirates Of Carib: 7:55-8:55
FastPass Jungle Cruise 9-10pm
These fastpasses put me in the area for Haunted mansion, Small World, Country bear jamboree, and alladdin’s carpets
Find a spot for Wishes - 10pm
EMH, 11pm-1am. Not sure if the 7yr old will be able to handle this, but if so, we’ll target Space Mountain, Tomorrowland speedway, barnstormer, Buzz lightyear.

Anyone find any glaring holes in these plans so far? I’d love to hear from anyone with an opinion. I haven’t been back since I was a kid, so I put these plans together after reading several blogs / sites, and of course, buying “The Books.”

Still have Sunday and Monday to post about, but Those days should be easier to put together.
Sunday will be all about Star Wars at Hollywood for the boy during the day (AM EMH at Hollywood, Jedi Training will be the major objective, and also touring all of the Star Wars attractions after emh.) After that, I have a 9pm fastpass for 7 dwarves at MK, just in case we never actually get to it on the other MK days because of crowds)

Monday is essentially open so far. Might need to target Epcot more. AK has AM EMH, and then it’s wide open. Thinking about doing AK EMH, then doing a better tour of Epcot World Showcase side (while the boy does the Phin/Ferb tour.) Then either deciding on the AK new river show, or scheduling 3 MK Fastpasses.

I like to think I have some good reasons for scheduling this the way I did, and I can explain more, if needed. I’ve been stressing the importance of rope drop to the Mrs., and I know the boy will be raring to go early.

What do you experts think of this? Again, thanks in advance. I’m really having fun, and trying not to stress out putting this puzzle of a touring plan into place, but really trying to be realistic with rest times, and travel times (no car - using Disney transportation.) Most meals will be at Swan. Plenty of options there, and I tried to get us back for lunches and dinners.

I’m curious as to others thoughts on your plans. Day 1 looks like too much hopping, and your rest time is probably only an hour. You will have to queue for security 5 times. However you are staying at the Swan and only have one child. My main concern about it is the lack of flexibility in the afternoon and evening. I’m having dificulty with my own plans and I’m a first timer so take my opinions with a pinch of salt. If it was me I would prob start in HS and move FPP for Mission Space and Spaceship to just before FEA, 3 & 4pm and drop the rest. Day 3 looks good. Day 2 I think you can avoid using FP at AK, but I’m not sure I’d swap them for HS.

Sounds like fun! For the first day, you could always consider skipping Illuminations as a game time decision if you’re tired after Fantasmic. It sounds like you’ll be back in the World Showcase later in the week and it might be easier to catch it then if you don’t make it the first night.

Thanks Tate!
On Day1, I’m starting at Epcot because of projected crowd level, and also for the Magic Hours starting at 8am. I’m hopping 3 times because of the supposed easy access to Hollywood and Epcot via boat, and also walking. I’m trying to knock my “must do’s” at Epcot out that day because Saturday is the half marathon, and also Wine and Dine. I’ll leave extra time for Epcot on the following Sunday and Monday. The day 1 afternoon is not very flexible, yes, because the morning should be filled with fun rides. The afternoon / evening is actually for entertainment and shows, so on paper, to me, it’s less activity - more strolling and snacking (on paper, anyway.) It still might be too much, but in a perfect world, I think I’d love to sneak in Illuminations inside Epcot at 9pm that night. If I can’t, we’ll make it a point to see it on Sunday or Monday.

As far as the FP at AK, I was thinking the same thing - probably not needed, BUT with the 5k there that AM, I think I’ll keep them, and if I can cancel them early enough based on crowd levels, I’ll try to re-schedule my 3 at Hollywood. The 5k is the variable, not sure if the crowds / runners will linger. Better safe than sorry is where I’m at with those scheduled fastpasses at AK.

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Thanks, rmfluh!
I will be playing it by ear with Illuminations, but I’m really hoping it won’t be too much. Swan proximity to both HS and Epcot has me thinking this is do-able. The Swan website claims that their beach is a great Illuminations viewing spot, but I don’t think I’ll get the full experience, so I’m really hoping to knock it out from the lagoon. Crowd levels + other touring plans are driving me to think this would be great to get “done.”

LOL. Oh Joy. Disney removed the AM EMH at AK on Friday Nov 4. Back to the drawing board. Grrr. They also switched Magic hours on me last week as well. Originally MK Magic hours for my stay was 10pm-12am. They switched it from 11p-1a. They also tinkered with Hollywood magic hours for my stay as well. I guess I can make my fastpasses 60 days out, but when they mess with magic hours 35 days out, I gotta re-solidify.

Grinning through it. It’s always something.

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I feel your pain! I’ll be there Nov 3-9th. I have everything planned out and now its freaking me out when they change something. I’m also a nervous wreck about if ROL opens… There would be major changes to my plans lol.

I think your plans look great!

Have you entered all of this into the touringplan software?

Haven’t plugged it in yet. After the curveballs WDW has thrown me with changing three EMH in the past week, I think I’m going to switch my Friday up, and go to MK for rope drop on Friday am to try and tour with less crowds. This will change the other days too. So:
AM EMH at Epcot
Lunch at Hollywood
Shows back at Epcot + 5:10-6:10pm fastpass for FEA
Back to Hollywood for Fantasmic 7:30pm
Back to Epcot for Illuminations 9pm.

Rope drop at MK
Half day touring
Hotel break in afternoon

6pm, Hollywood Indiana Jones show
8pm Star Wars Fireworks
8-10pm EMH Hollywood

Hollywood Rope Drop
Sign up for Jedi Training
Easy touring through the Star Wars stuff
Back to hotel for lengthy mid day break
5pm Character Dinner at Swan
Fastpass Peter Pan 6:50-7:50
FastPass Pirates Of Carib: 7:55-8:55
FastPass Jungle Cruise 9-10pm
These fastpasses put me in the area for Haunted mansion, Small World, Country bear jamboree, and alladdin’s carpets
Find a spot for Wishes - 10pm
EMH, 11pm-1am. Not sure if the 7yr old will be able to handle this, but if
so, we’ll target Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, Barnstormer,
Buzz Lightyear.

Sunday 11/6:
Rope Drop for EMH at Hollywood.
Jedi training (the boy is probably going to LOVE this enough to want to do it twice)
Simple, easy, touring of Hollywood, Lunch at Epcot or Swan.
Long Break during day
6pm Back to finish Touring MK with fastpasses. I have one 9pm for 7dmt.

Monday 11/7:
AK Rope drop, with basically the same exact touring plan:
Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom EMH 8am.

  1. Straight to Kilimanjaro Safari.
  2. Everest
  3. Primevil Whirl
    4.Triceratop Spin
  4. FastPass 9:45 am DINOSAUR (FP are available now!)
  5. Tough to be a bug
  6. Lion King 11am
    Lunch - FLAME TREE (looking fwd to this! I might sneak out of lion king a little early to beat the crowd)
    TAMU TAMU - DOLE WHIP (if open, and they have it)
  7. 12:30pm FLIGHTS OF WONDER
  8. Fastpass - kali river rapids 12:30-1:30 (sneaky overlap, but it’s really close to the bird show)
  9. Fastpass - Expedition Everest 1:50pm.

Monday afternoon, totally open, but probably be good for more exploring of World Showcase, and eating every single thing I can put into my face.

So I might be oversimplifying, because after all this would require moving dining, but I would move your DHS Fantasmic stuff to Monday afternoon and evening, and just stay at Epcot that first day. Just feels more efficient to me. But I’ve never hopped before, my visit just after you (in parks 11/13-17) will be my first time with hoppers.

Too much hopping IMHO. A pattern that has worked GREAT for us for many, many years is rope drop Park A, take a midday break back at the resort, and head to a different Park B for nighttime entertainment. Our meals are always planned according to our location at that time. This roadmap still has us walking over ten miles a day. Your plans will likely exceed this. Just my two cents but I’d return to the drawing board. Best and enjoy your trip whatever you decide!

You have possibly doing MK evening EMH followed by DH morning EMH, will this give you enough sleep? Even if you leave MK at 11 pm you probably won’t be in bed until 12 am (assuming bus waiting no queue etc) and you will probably need to leave the resort by 7am to make DH EMH so not a massive amount of sleep. I know I’m not the happiest person when I haven’t had enough sleep and the days will be tiring with all the walking, so just something to consist whether it is realistic to make both :slight_smile:

Your planning is very good and thourough, and I really like your plans for most of the days. But I worry about the 11/3 plan. If you were just two adults, I would say go ahead and hop if that’s what you want - you know best if you and your partner can handle five (!) times in the security lines in one day (I know I wouldn’t!). But with a 7-year old, that plan might make him hate Disney even before you finish your first day there. I know my son - who is also 7 - would have refused to talk to me after we were back in the same park again for the 3rd time and lined up for security again. But I see your problem on that day - you have FEA Fastpasses and a Fantasmic! lunch package, which makes you destined to hop at least twice.

Here are my two cents: You could start in HS that day (no need to take advantage of Epcot AM EMH when you have so many days in the parks as you have, and your TPs will make sure you handle the crowds beautifully!), then rest at the hotel, hop to Epcot for FEA and then return to HS for Fantasmic! - and go back to the Swan for a good night’s sleep. Then make your last day a full Epcot day. Start off with the plan you have for 11/3 (the Fastpasses you have booked for 11/3 for SE and MS should be fairly easy to get for this day instead), then do WS and Food&Wine in the afternoon and finish off with Illuminations. What a great way to end your vacation! :smile:

I also feel 11/3 is too much hopping. And, I really don’t know how you’ll make it in time for Illuminations. Depending on the foot traffic that evening, it might be very very tight unless you run… and that’s not ideal for a vacation.
Have you confirmed he is tall enough to ride all your listed rides? Some of the listed ones are 48 or 52 inches I believe.
I also think you need more time in MK.

Thank you, Sam2071! Rope drop Park A and night show / quick tour Park B is essentially the touring plan here. The location of the Swan resort is 15 minutes walk to both Epcot and Hollywood. There is also boat that travels between the two parks that leads me to believe that first day of touring isn’t going to be “too much.” Epcot rope drop + hollywood lunch, quick break in the afternoon, then back to Epcot for street shows + frozen, then back to Hollywood for Fantsmic VIP, then back to Illuminations at Epcot. After lunch, the rest of the day seems to be relaxed with a decent amt of time between each activity. Illuminations at Epcot at 9pm only if we’re up to the task. Swan is so close to Epcot, that they claim their fake beach near their pool facilities is a great spot to watch Illuminations. I am guessing I’d rather be at the lagoon which is why I’m trying to “fit it in.” If I can fit it in on that first night, then on Monday night, I have an opening to try to catch the Rivers show at AK if reports are that it is amazing. Other than that first night, Park A rope drop + mid day break + Park B evening is the basic attack.

Thanks for the input! The EMH at MK is going to be totally up to if the boy can handle it. (We have already agreed that at dinner that night, we are going to allow him to try his first coke - maybe half of a can.) I truly think he will be able to make it fine to watch the fireworks at MK which I will consider a win. We will have approximately 3 half days at MK, and the Touring Plan Generator is telling me that I can get everything in with no issue, because he will not be interested in the princess stuff, and the Mrs claims she won’t be interested in any princess stuff, either. So, even without the EMH at MK that night, we’ll be set. I am not EXPECTING the boy to be able to make it that late at ALL. We might just check wait times, and hit something with a low wait time that he will want to do, but if he is fading, we will leave with no regrets because the AM emh at Hollywood will be important. He is so into Star Wars that I have planned for him to do the Jedi Training twice. That was part of the reason for choosing Swan - to be close to Hollywood, and Epcot.

Thank You SS!
Fingers are crossed for getting back for Illuminations that night. If it seems to tight, we have a backup plan. If I did my due diligence, the boy is fully able to do all of the rides - he is 49, approaching 50, but no question 49. I think the only issue for our list would be the T Speedway, but we can switch spots when loading (wink wink) - Parent can still reach the pedals from passenger side, while kid steers. We waited for him to for sure hit 48 before booking. Our 3 half days in MK should be plenty for us to do everything we’d like according to the Plan Generator. The boy will be more interested in Star Wars (Hollywood) and Epcot attractions. He is not a very Disney kid like I was at that age.

Thank you Frozen!
You are a pro! You nailed the dilemma. Honestly, I wasn’t even going to attempt FEA, but so many sites said it was worth the fastpass, so I snagged the only time I could. The Mrs, and the kid really liked Frozen, and even though they are “over” it, I figured that since so many ppl say it’s a great experience, I snagged a fastpass late, so times were extremely limited, but at least I got one. I also did the Fantasmic pkg since a few ppl I work with said the VIP thing was EASILY worth it.

Your suggestion is very intriguing. I was simply thinking that the EMH at Epcot would be worth going to so I inked it. As it stands right now, my plan’s only day for AK is Monday am (EMH.) Disney has switched 3 sets of emh for my stay, and they removed the Friday AM EMH at AK which I had inked in as well. Another wrench in this plan is the half marathon + Food Dining Fest which makes me think that avoiding Epcot during the weekend is worth considering, hence the Thursday AM, and then Monday pm planning. Your description of the Security gate issues is making me think twice about even attempting Illuminations on Day 1. The gates weren’t something I was putting too much thought to. Thanks again!

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I think some of your plans are ambitious, especially with a 7 year old son. The park hopping day 1 especially plus some of the late night shows followed by Rope Drops the next day. I think it’s fine to plan for that high water mark if all goes well, as long as you’re willing to back off a lot if the boy gets tired etc. As long as you’re flexible in your plans (and it sounds like you are) it will likely be fine.

It does seem a shame to leave Epcot, home of some of the best food on property, to park hop to HS for a Fantasmic! meal though. I like the Fantasmic! dining plan & enjoy Mama Melrose but we’ve always done it on our HS day. If you definitely want to do Fantasmic, you may have no other choice, but that choice sticks out to me as sub-optimal.

I’m not as familiar with the security gates coming in via the International Gateway entrance - I think they aren’t as bad as the main entrance, but I’ve only done it once and we did it sans bags years ago. If you can go no bags for at least a few of those check-ins, it will make those security checks much faster in all probability although that may cause other issues.