Hope for returning entertainment?

This article is raising hopes of more entertainment returning to the parks, although D’Amaro didn’t say that all acts would be coming back.

But it certainly sounds as if there is still hope for CoH and other entertainment.

“ Will entertainment be returning to Disney Parks?

Denice Preskitt from MouseSteps.com asked if specific entertainment like the citizens of MainStreet U.S.A. and the Red Car Trolly News Boys would be returning. While D’Amaro didn’t say if those specific acts will be back, he did say they’re not slowing down on returning entertainment.

He also said he knows entertainment makes a difference and means a lot. He talked about how he recently watched the Disneyland Philharmonic band play in front of the castle at Disneyland, and how much watching them means to him, so he knows entertainment makes a theme park visit special.

D’Amaro said their objective is have all the entertainment that used to be at the parks return (plus more), although he did say not every act will necessarily return as it was before.”