Hooray for ADR's!

Just wanted to celebrate that today was my 180 and I got all the ADR’s we were looking for, which was a relief given we are a party of 7. I called on the phone at 4am Pacific time and a few of these are split tables, but I’m not too worried about that.

Highlights include:
Akershus on 180+1
Fanstamic Package at H&V on 180+2
RoL Package at Tusker House on 180+3
Ohana for dinner (a little earlier than desired - 4:30) on 180+4
BoG breakfast, Liberty Tree, and Crystal Palace on 180+6


Some great choices there, congrats on getting what you wanted!

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I’d love to know what fills up the later times at 'Ohana so quickly. I know it is very popular but we could only get it on day 60 + 6 at 4:15! And so far the reservation finder hasn’t been able to move us a bit later.

I do recall about 10 years ago my wife’s uncle taking us to Ohana on a spur of the moment dinner. His friend, Ulysses Grant, helped find us a table without much waiting, right in the middle of the dinner rush.