HoopDDo Exit Strategy

Going to the 6:15 show at HoopDDo on 2/8 (our last night at WDW). What’s the best way to get back to the Beach Club? Ferry back to MK, then bus? With MK closing at 8p would the ferry still be running after the show? Minnie Van? Other?

Your plan is the best one and the ferries will for sure be running.

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The best way is a Minnie Van! The fastest cheap way is the ferry. They are well aware people are coming from HDDR so I’m sure it will be fine although that will likely be a crowded bus if the park closes at 8 pm.

I’m not sure how to verify this, but there might be a bus waiting for you just outside HDDR, that will drop you at BC.

I worried about this same issue on a 4pm closing day at MK.

We did the early HDDR, and they announced that there would be busses waiting to take all guests back to their resorts. The busses were set up in a circular driveway down the walkway opposite the boats outside of the hddr entrance. Easy, peasy, simple as pie.

I made several calls to the Disney Help Desk / Transportation Desk. Runaround after runaround, and several nonsense answers. One of them told me that “I could take the Magical Express from the airport, and it would take me to my resort, tho it might make several stops on the way.” ( I remember that statement verbatim. :rofl: )

So, though I cannot verify this will happen for you, it might. It was simple as could be. They had the busses routing to zones, and there were cm’s helping everyone find the correct bus. The Ep resorts were all sectioned off into one or two busses.


Seebee - This is how we got back. I was super confused trying to figure it all out too, but it worked fine.

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