Hoop Dee Doo or Backyard BBQ with a wheelchair

Hi all! I’m starting to plan our trip in late August and making dining reservations needs to get done! It will be five of us, me, DH, DS10, DS8, and DS4). We are thinking about hitting one of these for dinner on a day that we relax at the resort (AoA), but I’m not sure it’s really feasible. I know we’d probably love either of them, but I’m worried about the logistics. DS8 can walk some (or be carried), but is more comfortable in his chair at most restaurants (hard chairs or letting his legs dangle cause him pain).

What is the transportation like to and from (and how long would it take)? What is the seating like? How long would we be there?


Given your specifics I would opt for HDDR. Disney does a great job accommodating all kinds of needs. My primary reason for going with HDDR is because it’s indoors and August at Disney can be brutally hot. The seating in the pioneer hall is standard tables and chairs and should easily be able to accommodate a wheelchair with no problem. Disney transportation does a good job with accessible buses as well so no real concerns there. Now transportation from AoA to FW can be a bit of a hassle as you’ll need to take a bus to MK and then a boat to FW. It might be easier to take a taxi to FW and just hop on the internal bus to get back to pioneer hall so you don’t need as much lead time to get there before the show starts. The show is a lot of fun and we thought the food was all really good.

Having said all that I haven’t personally done the backyard bbq as it gets mixed results and, as I said above, I’m a fan of AC lol, so I can’t really comment on the seating, but it’s outdoors so I would imagine staying in his chair won’t be a problem, but it is in a grassy outdoor area so navigating the chair could be an issue.