Hoop dee doo getting there and back

What is the easiest way to get from CSR to hopp dee doo and back? I know I can get a bus to MK, boat thrn internal bus but that seems a bit of a 2 hour proposition, plus im not sure aboutgetti g back late.

I dont know if minnie vans will do a door to door (so to speak), the same for uber.


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I think Minnie vans used to go anywhere inside Disney world property, hopefully they still hoop dee do.:joy:

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I think Minnie vans can drop you off right there. I know Lyft. Can’t. Still better to be dropped off at main entrance of resort than taking multiple modes of transport. It seems like such a pain for people to get there now - I’m surprised if the popularity continues. I’ll be doing it just bc I’m staying there.

There’s a current chat thread about this and seems Minnie cans will take you right there. Someone quoted about $41 for a trip from Pop to give you an idea.

Bus to MK. Boat to FW. If MK closed bus to DS and transfer to resort bus.

MK boat to Wilderness Lodge is what we did years ago. There was a bus from there specifically for the campground. No transfer of buses.

We are going to Hoop after our MK day so we’ll take the boat straight from MK to Hoop (Fort Wilderness boat,)

Otherwise we’d take Lyft/Minnie Van (it’s priced between Lyft Lux Black & Lift Lux Black XL.)

You could also take the bus to MK and boat straight to Fort Wilderness.

After taking the ferry from MK it is a short walk to Hoop dee doo. No need to take an internal bus


i didnt know it was a short walk from MK boat exit. I think we will go from MK (have park reservation on that day) but minnie van back.

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If you want to Minnie Van back, that’s fine, but they’ve always had resort buses waiting to get ppl to their resorts after the late show in the past. Pretty easy. Not sure they are still doing that, but I kinda doubt they would leave anyone stranded. Their communications for travel options for HDDR are pretty lackluster on the website, imo. I stressed about getting back to the resort after the late show, but it couldn’t have been easier. I called and spoke to several CSR’s trying to figure it out, and they were all completely clueless. Hopefully they’ll have busses waiting for you after the show.

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We were just at the late show a couple of weeks ago. Took a Minnie Van from AKL Jambo for the closer drop off and to save time ($55.00 before tip). After the show they directed us either to the buses or to the boat. We chose to take the boat back to MK and the bus from MK to AKL (just because we wanted to ride the boat at night). Side note- if they are still doing the 11:00 p.m. fireworks, the boat arrived back at MK just before 11:00, so that was a nice surprise.

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