Hoop Dee Doo ADR

Hey all,

Today is day 181. We will arrive WDW on June 8th. I want to make a 10 person ADR at Hoop Dee Doo for Saturday, June 10th. According to information I found, my window for ADRs opens at 6 am tomorrow morning online, and 7 am via phone call.

Is this information correct? Is it 6 am or midnight tonight?

Can I make an ADR for Hoop Dee Doo online? I am aware I need to prepay the dinner, so is that a problem to do online?

Thanks in advance,

Rod in NY

You can definitely book online. From 6am EST I believe, but as I’m from the uk that’s based on what I’ve read on here.

However be aware you may not be able to book it straight away. When I was making ADRs it was another month or so before booking opened for hddr. And I had no way of knowing if it was because it was booked out or just not open to book. The cms didn’t seem to know either. I just kept checking until it opened up.

What @Nickysyme said.

I also had to wait until about 100 days out before the dates opened up for our January ADR.
If it happens to not be available on the site, it won’t be available by calling the dining line either. You’ll just need to keep an eye out.

I’ll also just mention that you can use the reservation finder on TP, but it gave me a false alert on HDDR.

Hopefully it’ll just be open and you’ll get your reservation!
It’s the best show on property!!

Personally I was able to book it straight away 180+10 days out, I guess it depends on Disney. But yes it is 6am not midnight (which worked for me since I am also in the UK and it made it 11am not 5 so I got to lie in)

As for the prepay, as long as you have your credit card linked to your account it’s no problem. I didn’t use it for this (I had the dining plan) I did prepay for a dessert party and the process was straight forward. I even ended up cancelling my first one and booking a different one and my refund was handled without a hitch

Thanks everyone!

I was able to book online. I was on the HDDR ADR page, hit refresh at exactly 6:00 am EST and the calendar changed, allowing me to pick the date I wanted. 6:15 pm was available. It worked perfectly.

Have a magical day!