Hoop dee doo ADR opens today

Hi everyone. HDD ADRs open today. Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on best seating tiers for two adults and two kids ages 6 and 9. Tier one seems to be the best- it costs the most- but with two little ones I thought maybe a balcony would be a better view for them in case there’s tall people in front? Price really isn’t a factor since it’s only 18 dollars more total between tier one and two.
really looking forward to this since it wasn’t open last year.

I miss the old section at Disneyland that had something similar to this- Big Thunder BBQ I think it was called. All you can eat BBQ, no alcohol was provided and dessert might have even been extra. It was outside- It’s Star Wars Land now- but it was quiet compared to the rest of the park and a nice place to eat and relax for a bit.
Thanks :blush:

Tier 1 is on the main floor. The tables are allocated within each tier based on when you book, the earlier the further forward.

The stage is high up, no worries about being able to see. And although the performers do go to the back I’m not sure if they go upstairs.

Also I recall thinking that some of the seats upstairs were awkwardly positioned for being able to eat and watch, with some people having to turn round to see.

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So if I accidentally make an ADR for Hoop Dee Doo then really I HAVE to plan a trip, right??

Like that’s a Rule, isn’t it?


The balcony does have awkward seating - requiring turning in one’s chair.

However, the balcony is quieter. Our first HDDR was very close to the stage - hugely fun but LOUD !

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The cast moves all around the entire room and does go upstairs occasionally. They interact with the audience. Sitting closer to stage means more chance for interaction. The stage is high enough that it is easy to see that portion of the show wherever you are seated


I think Ill go with option tier one. Since the price isn’t too much more, and looks like both tiers will still have a good view and good experience I guess either way it will be a fun time:)
Thanks for the feedback.

This place is still giving me COVID chills. You don’t share a table with anyone outside your group right? It seems like it’s pretty tightly packed. Would Tier 2 or 3 be a bit more spaced out?