Hoop Dee Do!

I know many have been waiting for this announcement!


Are all category seating’s open? One and three were booked for every day of our trip, could only get category 2.

I booked on the first day they were accepting bookings for our trip next month, and could only get Cat 2 as well.

Maybe they are spacing it out, and that is all they are offering.

I could also only book cat2 for 3 people. I tried and tried again. And tried for 4. Cat1 was available for 4 people. Tried tried and tried again for 3. Grabbed a cat1 for 3 at ~6:20. It was very glitchy, didn’t finalise the booking. Tried again with other browser/laptop. Tried with the app. Only cat2. Saw cat1. Glitch again. At 6:30, I finally managed to grab a cat1 booking for 3 people. Last message from the website was “couldn’t confirm booking”. But I received an email and see it in my plans. So I consider I have it book at cat1 for 3people…