Hoop de doo vs Backyard BBQ

Thoughts on Hoop De Doo or Mickey’s backyard BBQ? 2 adults and a 5 year old girl. And does the seating tier really make a difference?

We didnt like backyard BBQ, way too loud for our DS4 average food, longish character queues.
Entertainment was ok but hard to see well from where we sat with our backs to the stage!

We love Fort Wilderness campsite and will be doing HDD this year.

We really like HDDR! We only usually go to WDW in summer, so for us it is an easy choice, HDDR is in doors and in AC and the BBQ is outdoors.

I have only done HDD and we loved it. The show is corny and stupid - but a FUN night out. Enjoyed it. Does Tier make a difference - YES and NO. I think each tier has a benefit / detract. We were tier 2 and I thought it was perfect. Close enough to see everything, far enough away to see it all (if that makes sense). Sure if we were close we would see better - but I felt tier 2 was perfectly fine.

Food was good - nothing special - but good. Beer (was) included. Not great beer (bud I think) but after a long day in the park - who can’t enjoy a nice cold one.

Overall - definitely worth doing at least once. Compared to BBQ - you just sit and enjoy - no queues nothing. Go, eat, listen, clap, leave.

Our kids were younger (3 and 6) they enjoyed. I would suggest the earlier show though

I haven’t had a chance to do either of them, but, if it helps, I was listening to the Dis Unplugged podcast this morning, and they were discussing their top five two-credit restaurants at WDW. Both of them had HDD in their top five, but they didn’t mention Backyard BBQ at all.

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I was already leaning towards Hoop De Doo…but you guys sealed the deal! We have tier 1 for the 8:30 show and I’m so excited! Thank you for taking the time to weigh in on this one.

I haven’t done HDDR since college so I can’t speak to that in modern times :wink:

But our family LOVED the BBQ when our kids were smaller. I think 5 is the perfect age for this.

Don’t the kids get to dance and interact with characters?

It’s a dance party and yes they dance “with” them. So much fun.

This is the Backyard BBQ?

Yes. The “dance party” happens after dinner and the stage show.

Sorry for the delayed reply - I was in a work cycle :wink: