Hoop de doo Musical or H&V seasonal dining?

So we have no character meals planned this time because frankly they are just too expensive, my kids eat like birds, my son is now paying adult price. But I thought we could splurge on a Hood De Dee Review cause we’ve never done it (only been to Disney once) and we wanted to check out FW area and the Christmas decorations anyway. Then I learned about H&V seasonal dining where they dress up in x-max outfits :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that sounds amazing and I know my 7 year old would love it. So, which one should I do??

I’m not sure of the exact prices but Hoop De Doo is 2 Table Credits and H&V is one. I have heard H&V is cute for the holiday dress ups. I even got a Christmas card last year with Santa Goofy! So, if you’re looking for budget, I would choose H&V. If you’re looking for a fun show with a side of BBQ food, then Hoop De Doo.

No contest! Hoop de Doo wins by a mile at least.

The food at H&V is not great, even by Disney buffet standards. It was our least favourite of any buffet. And the character rotation was inconsistent. We got two of them about four times and only then did the others turn up, after around 75 minutes. They just never got to our table, and the guides didn’t stop them being side-tracked to tables which they’d passed but missed the people there, so they just stayed in the same area endlessly.

And even getting the photo with Santa Goofy was a shambles. No line, just families jumping into shot, and the CMs didn’t do anything to stop them.

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HDDR is $240 For the 4 of is, and I can never figure out pricing of buffets because it gives the range. We will not have the dining plan this time.

https://touringplans.com/hollywood-studios/dining/hollywood-and-vine/menus/minnie-lunch-dinner , about $180 pretax for the 4 of you.

Check out some YouTube videos of Hoop-de-doo!

The $240 for HDDR includes your tip as well. Also includes mommy and daddy drinks in the price, just saying.
H&V after tip is closer to $220 based on what @alittlerandr said.

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The characters are good at Hollywood and Vine but we wouldn’t return there. I have heard far more satisfied reviews of Hoop de Doo.

Ok, I’ll keep hoop de doo than… I was having trouble fitting H&V into the schedule anyway. We wanted breakfast.

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