Hoop de doo emergency!

I am trying to book HDDMR for Oct 18th and over the show times box it says closed. Other dates show times unavailable like usual if there’s no dining res you can book. Am I missing something? Is there a reason it might be closed that day/week? Thanks!

I noticed that it seems closed every Monday and Tuesday. Wish the site said that clearly.

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Thank you! Yes that seems like key info. So frustrating.

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Were you able to find a way to fit it in another day?

I’m doing it for a friend who’s staying offsite. So I have to do 60 days before each day of her stay. So I need to wait a few days to try again :confused:

Yikes. I think you’re going to have a hard time booking this at 60.


If you get desperate:
MouseWatcher : Dining alerts for Disney restaurant reservations

You can pay just for one single search for Hoop Dee Doo for $5.

  • I got Harmonious Dining Package this way. TP reservation finder doesn’t do these types of paid up front dining reservations so you gotta pay a service but it’s worked for me in the past so I trust the site.
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I know :sob: I have mentioned this to her.

Thanks so much! That is great to know. I think it would definitely be worth it for her since she seems really invested in going. I will let her know.

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The TP reservation finder does search for HDDR and other paid up-front dining.

What it doesn’t do is are the dining packages for Candlelight, for example.

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oh okay, it didn’t do Harmonious and the dessert party…I do remember that cuz I needed those. Then OP use Res Finder for free!

Try the TP finder! It does work for HDDR.

TP found me one yesterday for September 8. Definitely works.


This morning got one for a later day on her trip!! Thank you all so much @gingerSnaps543222 @Jetblast @Flutegarden @Nicky_S as always liners are the kindest and most helpful people on the internet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to hear. Was there just an opening or did you use red finder?

There was an opening! I was on at 6 and got a 4pm show for Oct 20 :smile:



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My 60 day window opens up next week and I’m looking to book Hoop Dee Doo for a party of 10 at day 60+3. Based on the information above, I’m wondering if Hoop Dee Doo holds their availability at 60 days and releases the later? Since this is a paid-up-front experience, seems weird that reservations would open up later.

I haven’t heard this was the case. I think she got lucky.

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Someone on the DIS Camping forum just mention e d booking 60+7 but only Tier 1 was available. So either it is random, pekoe l are being cheap or as this later speculated maybe they hold some reservations back but it definitely opens up at 70.