Hoofin’ it from the Swan & Dolphin: best way to walk to DHS?

That’s super helpful to have confirmed! Ty!

Yeah, I’d seen that and wondered if I’d need to justify my existence.

I think we’ll give it a shot (our first EP day is prior to our first HS so we can allow extra time for a Plan B). Sounds like less room for error than an Uber.

I even called and talked to the front desk. We have a late ADR at the Swan and just asked if we could park there for the whole day… they said, “yep!” I feel comfortable. Yes, it’s a little expensive, and there’s no in/out/in, but it will work for us this time.


So would this work for coming from YC and going to HS? Would it work for ECVs? (I’m guessing YC is north off the map somewhat). Thanks.

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Yes, we walked from BC to HS in Jan 2020 for RD twice. I’m 95% sure ECVs would be fine. (I can’t remember anything that would be problematic, but I wasn’t specifically looking forward it.)

20 min sounds about right. It’s a really nice walk along the waterway.

If you pull it up in Google maps satellite, you can preview the walkway.


Ditto…except I am 100% sure. :slight_smile:


If you leave by 7 AM walking from Swan, you’ll be first at temp check at DHS for a 9 AM opening. A couple of weeks ago when we were there, they opened temp check lines at 7:15. (I got my RotR right at 7 AM, on path.)

Yep three in our party had ECVs. They drive them. Also, SL is perfect for ECVs. Boat was ok but not quite as easy as SL and just scootering over on the path.