Hoofin’ it from the Swan & Dolphin: best way to walk to DHS?

This may have been asked here before, but what’s the best route to walk from Swan & Dolphin to Hollywood Studios? I’m a little confused by looking at google maps. TIA!

It is pretty obvious once you are there…but here is the path. Swan and Dolphin are just off to the upper left of this…HS is off the bottom if you keep walking.


Sorry. Had that wrong at the top. Should have drawn it going down over the bridge to get to Swan and Dolphin.

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Thank you! Google maps had me going down the other side of the river. Is not the best way?

You CAN go that way from the Swan. I don’t think I would from the Dolphin. Not sure it is faster to, though. Maybe @Tall_Paul1 can confirm. He stayed there last December I believe.

Thank you—I’ll be coming from the Swan.

It may not make that much of a difference, though. :slight_smile:

So the maps of that area always look a little weird to me - even having stayed there. FWIW: it was super super clear. Basically you walk out the back of your hotel toward the boat launch and then just follow the signs. I am an avid rope dropper and was worried that I wouldn’t know where to go, but was just fine. I would allow 30 minutes just to be safe but it is probably closer to a 20 min walk.


Thank you so much!

Yes you can go down the other side of the waterway which is a little quicker from Swan. When you get to the bridge you will have to go up and over it to cross over the water to the path to HS. Before you get to the bridge there is an obvious path over to the right that will lead you up to the bridge.


Okay… That helps me visualize that part. Thanks!

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++ @LTinNC82

If you travel down the West side of the water way, when you reach Buena Vista Drive you need to cross over to the East side. Not sure it would save you any steps


Maybe not for someone staying at the Swan, but it would for folks parked at the Swan.

On one of our HS days, we arrived too early at the toll booths and was forced to turn around. So, we decided to try parking at the Swan and walking. However, we weren’t sure if the path you highlighted was accessible, so we ended up walking the long way around Crescent Lake. :slight_smile:

We still made it for RD slightly before the regular car folks though.

@LTinNC82 now I understand even better! So for just the bridge, you’re on the road. I didn’t understand what the little triangle to the right signified till your post. Clarity is a good thing. Thanks!

There is a sidewalk the whole way so you’re never really on the road, but yes you walk along the side of the road on the sidewalk across the bridge. You pretty much stay on the same walkway the whole way it just goes over and up and across and down to meet the sidewalk that runs beside the Boardwalk Inn.

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This is good information! Will keep this in mind.

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Curious when you did this? Did they quiz you at all about your reason for parking there or is it just “pay your money and park/no questions”?

This was back in November 2020.

The parking booth wasn’t even manned when we entered, so we just drove right in (thus we didn’t get a parking entry ticket either). Not sure if it’s because we were early, or the crowds just weren’t there yet at the Swan in November. When we exited, we paid with a credit card at the automated machine.

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Also just wanted to second what @jleh said. I’ve stayed and parked at the Swan twice now, last time in September. The lot itself isn’t normally manned, you just pull a ticket and then pay at the automated machine when you leave (or use your room key if you’re a guest). There isn’t the person at the gate like at Disney properties asking you why you are there!


BTW, here’s the official information from their website. Note that unlike the parking at the parks, you have no re-entry privileges.


4. Is there a fee for parking at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin?
Yes. The nightly fees for parking are listed below and subject to change.

Self Parking Fees Valet Parking
Non-Registered Guest * $29.00 for each exit $39.00 for each exit
Registered Guest ** $29.00 + tax per day $39.00 + tax per day

*A non-registered guest is a guest who is visiting the hotel to use the facilities and services, but is not staying over night.
**A registered guest has a room reservation to spend one or more nights at the hotel.