Honeymoon trip report summary

Hi all! 11 day honeymoon coming to a close! :confused: Here are some trip report points from this visit:

  • rope drop was/is totally unnecessary for us. We never arrived until at least 2 hours after opening and still walked on everything, did headliners multiple times, etc. It was nice to be able to take our time and have a more leisurely pace in the mornings. Also with it being just DH and I, we cover ground pretty quickly so get to ride many things.
  • FPP also wasn’t entirely necessary for some things- we ended up not even using half of them. I enjoyed the ability to change our FPP plans on our phone, but didn’t like that it made us feel like we were obligated to make it over to a certain ride even if we weren’t in the mood for it/weren’t in that vicinity. It was also tough on days when we had FPP booked yet had changed plans last minute, we felt guilty missing the FP’s. FPP is freeing yet restricting in that way.
  • crowds picked up a bit toward the second half of our trip. I’m still a bit tired from the wedding festivities so I didn’t have much patience for annoying people (and for some reason I found people to be kind of obnoxious on this trip). I really think September is becoming much busier- it’s like even the slow seasons are becoming busy. We also saw more naughty child meltdowns than ever before! It was a little crazy…
  • the dining plan (free) was wonderful once again! While it is a ton of food, it is vacation and yummy treats are meant to be consumed! We wouldn’t eat like this in the real world and we love to fully immerse ourselves in the unique dining experiences here. The food is half the fun! This year, the food quality and service was out of this world- very pleased with everything! Snacks, QS, TS were all excellent and we totally got our money’s worth. We ate way too much but the food experiences overall were better than any other year. I felt very impressed with it all!!
  • Ohana was the best it’s been in 3 years! Sanaa was the best meal with the best views. Citricos was very special and delicious. Whispering canyon was better than ever, you now get all the meats on the platter and don’t have to choose! The food at the Mara at AKL was excellent and unique. The frozen raspberry lemonade slush from sunshine tree terrace was great and not just one of those fake sugary slushes.
  • in 11 days, only saw ONE obnoxious iPad/tablet being used as a camera! Woo! I think the trend has shifted to those ridiculous camera sticks- they were everywhere!! Never saw them before this trip.
    -we got lots of special treats for being on our honeymoon! We got free chocolate covered strawberries and a free Mickey cookie at the confectionary, a free fresh squeezed juice at sunshine tree, and lots of treats brought to our table at restaurants! Also got a free anytime FPP and had lots of fun interacting with some of the Hollywood street actors! We did have a beautiful room and view of the animals at AKL although we only booked and paid for standard. I will say that we got much more attention on the last trip when we had just gotten engaged, but this was wonderful just the same!
    -AKL was beautiful, tranquil, and wonderful. The CM’s here were so amazing and experiencing some of their culture was awesome. We booked a bounceback here at AKL for next fall! So impressed with everything here.
  • Disney bus transpiration continues to amaze me! Had wonderful bus experiences from AKL. Never waited more than 10 minutes. So efficient and easy- love not having to deal with a car or parking lot or figure out directions.
  • KTTK was amazing and only helped to enhance the magic for us! Highly recommend!

I’m so glad you had a wonderful time!

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. I find overall reviews like this very helpful. Glad you had a great honeymoon!


Sounds like a magical disneymoon!

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Great to hear this! So happy your honeymoon was so magical! Thanks for sharing! :smile:

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@LaurenInWonderland Thanks for posting your trip report - sounds like you had an awesome time :slight_smile: DH and I are doing KTTK in January - so stoked! Glad to hear that you weren’t disappointed :thumbsup:

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Great trip report I will be passing on to Shane as he’s honeymooning there in June. Congrats on your happy union!


I am totally in love with that Sunshine Tree Terrace raspberry lemonade too. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you had a wonderful and magical time.