Honeymoon Help

Please any help would be appreciated. My daughter has never planned a trip to WDW and now trying to plan honeymoon in July. I have only planning “Family” vacations so I am not a great resource. Is it better to book with WDW or DVC points rental? What resort would you suggest? Suggestions on making the trip “special” and the trip of a lifetime. But…just spending money on a wedding would like some money saving tips also.

Port orleans French quarter. Moderate price with a very romantic feel. Beautiful night time walks along the river and lovely boat ride to Disney Springs. Fun entertainment with Yeehaw Bob at the sister resort PO Riverside. Romantic horse carriage ride too!


Swan & Dolphin are REALLY pretty and not horribly expensive. The best bonus is that they are walking distance from Epcot (specifically World Showcase). As you probably know, that area of Epcot can be fairly romantic with so many cultures to explore, lots of restaurants to choose from, and booze that you can drink while touring.

I’m sure they’ll have a blast no matter where they stay, though. It’s impossible to not have a great time there!

So much depends on what kind of honeymoon they are looking for. Do they want a “resort vacation” that has the added benefit of theme parks, or do they plan to spend every waking moment hitting the parks? If the former, I would definitely recommend renting DVC points at one of the deluxes (my personal favorite is AKL, but they all have their own pluses and minuses); if the latter they could save a bit of money (to spend on other stuff) by going with a mod (I agree with POFQ).

Making the trip “special” also depends on what they like to do (and what the budget is). I would say at least one signature dinner would be a good idea (CG, Monsieur Paul, or Jiko would be my choices for a “romantic” meal). Of course if you wanted to make it “really” special V&A is about as good as it gets.

Many of the tours get very good reviews. I’m not personally into the “behind the scenes” tours so I haven’t done them, but I have done the Wild Africa Trek, and as an animal lover, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done at WDW.

As I said up front, so much of this is personal opinion and preference. These are some things I’ve done to make an adults-only trip more “special”; I’m sure there are many others that I haven’t thought of…

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