Honeymoon Feb 13-19 2015 at WDW

First Time on this board! Also will be my first time to WDW and my now-husband's second time (went when he was 12 so 15 years ago). We are from Canada. Staying at POP. Noticed the crowd calendar is quite high for our trip (mardi gras and president's day). So any advice for how to fit in as much as possible? Already have two dinner reservations (mamas for fantasmic and then la hacienda around illuminations time). Also made personalized TP (one day at each park) but have a "free day" as well. So any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome. I haven't been yet either, but have been on here long enough to know that Liners cannot emphasise enough the importance of rope drop (park opening). Apparently, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in the first couple of hours in the park before the crowds arrive. Some will also suggest taking a break and then come back later in the day when the crowds die down again. I will now let a more experienced park goer (but let's be honest, they can't be less experienced than someone who hasn't been) give you some more tips.

Welcome! I agree on the rope drop advice. I would also say to save your FPPs for at least late afternoon or if you are park hopping, use them in the second park. I wouldnot expect to rely on extra FPPs to be available for any headliners. It is very comforting to know you can do what you want after your break or at a second park and your waits will be reasonable at rope drop.

Thanks for the advice so far! Am I able to change my TP while in the park? Right now we don't have any scheduled breaks, but if we want to take one can I change the TP from my phone? And then get ride recommendations from there?

Yes. You can optimise whilst you're in the park. You mark off the rides you've done and can then optimise. So it doesn't matter if you've got behind (or ahead) you'll then have a new touring plan to follow.

This is on the app that you can do this. I haven't actually looked at accessing plans using safari on my phone.

Hi @tlrj4488!! You guys are gonna love it! I've stayed at Pop at least 6 times now, losing count, and it is awesome. Might I suggest that you request the fourth floor, so you'll have peace and quiet? smile

As for the crowds and getting stuff done, four tips:
1. As others have said, Rope Drop is a beautiful time -- if you can get yourselves up that early, you'll have the parks practically to yourselves the first hour or two.
2. If you want to sleep in -- it is your honeymoon, after all -- the later hours of evening EMH can also be really empty times to get things done.
3. Good to hear you have personalized touring plans -- those will help with strategy.
4. Simply accept that there is FAR too much in any one park, not to speak of all of WDW, to see or do it ALL in one trip. I will honestly admit that I partially screwed up my experience of my first couple trips by being too focused on the schedule and the list of things to accomplish and our strategy. I have learned that it is a lot more fun to have a loose plan, but to also stop and smell the roses, which in this case, means stop to notice all the little surprises and fun things going on around you that you didn't expect.

Have a wonderful time! Feel free to ask anything!

Welcome @tlrj4488! And congrats on the upcoming honeymoon! We're also from Canada and also stay at POP - hope you'll love it as much as we did!

I agree, Rope Drop is a great way to fit more stuff into the day. Downtown Disney will still be under construction but we all enjoyed taking some down time there. Resort hopping was a lot of fun as well - just hop on a bus, monorail or even a ferry to tour another Disney property. We checked out Caribbean Beach and had a snack in their cool food court, as well as Port Orleans (both Riverside and French Quarter). We took the ferry from there to Downtown Disney and it was a fun way to spend part of the day.

Not sure if you have Park Hoppers or not, but we had added them and the Waterparks to our tickets. We went to Typhoon Lagoon twice, which was also a fun way to spend part of a day. If you have a package, you'll also have two complimentary tickets to Disney Quest. It's worth checking out - loved the AstroBlasters and the Pirates of the Caribbean virtual reality game.

I'm sure you'll have a blast! Ask any questions you like - we'll all try to help! smile