Honest opinion please! (Trip schedule )

Hello! 2 adults and 10 yo - doing 5 park days (no hopper) but early entry AND Genie + and ILL purchases
Arrive at WDW Nov 12th - just settle in and resort explore
Sunday Nov 13 - HollyWood Studios (10 yo big Star Wars fan)
Monday Nov 14 - Epcot
Tues Nov 15 - MK (MVMCP means 6pm close) *we are considering early entry, using Genie +/ILL to the best of our ability, leave MK by 6, eat supper and plan to watch fireworks outside the park (Poly?) Will we regret this?
Wed Nov 16 - rest day (DS)
Thursday Nov 17- AK
Friday Nov 18- HS day 2
Sat Nov 19 - rest day 2, pack up, maybe resort hopping, etc. And a possible park day if we miss one due to illness, etc - depending on reservation availability of course)
S’un Nov 20 - go home

10 yo has been to MK before, he’s more excited about HS. adults are not FOMO folks, just happy to go with flow, not fans of huge crowds, try and maximize GP potential and enjoy the days. But what’s the consensus on our MK plan… should we switch for non MVMCP day (several party dates this week )
Any advice on our tentative schedule would be greatly appreciated!!

MK will be harder on a party day bc the beauty of G+ is that you can stack and run through a lot of lls in the evening. I was struggling to get and use LLs on the day I was there and they closed early for an employee event. Unless you really don’t care about missing out on several attractions then it’s probably fine, but if it were me I would change to a day where I had maximum park time.


I agree with @LTinNC82. I would switch MK to a non party day.