Honest Opinion on BOG for Dinner

I’ve been lucky enough to get a reservation for BOG for dinner. It’s just DH and myself. It it worth paying out of pocket? I just don’t want to feel like I’m “missing” something if I cancel this.

I thought the food was pretty good, but portions are small. It’;s the only place you’ll get to see The Beast, if that’s important to you. It was where we closed our trip last time. I suggest it for the atmosphere. It has 3 different rooms you can eat in.

People seem to be split 50/50 on this one, so you’ll probably get responses from both camps.

We personally enjoyed it. I’ve been for both PPO breakfast and for dinner. If you just want to check it out, the breakfast would suffice. But, you definitely will have a better experience for dinner. The food was pretty good by Disney standards, meeting the beast (even for the adults) was a highlight, and it was a much less hectic atmosphere at dinner. I have it booked again for our next trip. Prices are high, but I’d recommend at least doing it once!

Oh my…I’m torn on this one. I’ll probably keep the ADR for now and decide before we leave if I should keep this. Thanks for the opinions

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I really enjoyed the new menu. I would caution not all appetizers are good (if the lobster bisque is on the menu- you can do better). I am bringing my sister and niece to dinner in December and I look forward to my return.

My quick summary - I enjoyed the food. I agree on the small portions. However, the service was very mediocre and it took more than two hours complete. My purpose for going was to meet The Beast, so I basically paid $100 / person to do that with a good meal included. I will never go back for dinner.


I had 3 people and the bill with tax & tip was $300 total. I divided that out. We don’t use the DDP and had beers and drinks too.

I loved it during my previous visit so much I’ve booked it for my girl’s trip. The food is some of the best I’ve had at Disney and the restaurant feels very fancy and high quality for dinner. (It’s much more rushed during lunch.)

I should note that my family is full of adventurous eaters and we love French food. For appetizers, I had the soup, and my daughter and husband had escargot. For our mains, I had the steak, one of them had the scallops, and the other had a seafood medley that looks to not be on the menu any longer. And the desserts are adorable.

I found it to be a LOT of food, and we were not that hungry for the before fireworks dessert party.

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We went as a group of 4 adults for dinner and we all enjoyed it, 2 of us thought it was the best meal (food wise) on our trip. Everyone enjoyed the meal, the boys just prefered the steakhouse. I’ve been solo for lunch and agree that it felt rushed, although I did enjoy that meal for what it was, too. We are probably not going for our upcoming trip because there are other places we haven’t been to yet and we have limited time, but I would definitely go again! (And who knows, might work it in on this trip too)

Ok- we have the drinks that come with it so it is about $64 or about $5 more than Artist Point.

We did not love it. We were in the smaller room, not the ball room - that was beautiful. The food was so-so, the service was incredibly slow, our meet with the beast was not that great and it was EXPENSIVE. I knew how much it was going to cost, but I also had very high expectations because of that. My food tasted like it had been made some time before and was waiting for someone to order it.

We have done PPO breakfast at BoG and I did enjoy that. The food was a bit better than the dinner, but there was less pressure on it to be amazing because I wasn’t paying so much for it. And we got in to the park to ride 7DMT before the park opened. I would do the breakfast again.

Each person had two drinks, someone may have had a third. Plus, I also left a 20% tip - $40. The service issues really weren’t the fault of the waitress. It was poor management and kitchen issues. I’ll consider going back for lunch someday after I explorer all the other TS places in MK.