Is Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ worth it? There are no ADRs for our arrival day when would like to attend. I’ve triggered a search through the touringplans ADR finder. Should I lose sleep over it if we can’t go?

We enjoyed our meal there, good food, good service. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it, but if you go, the hummingbird cake is amazing and big enough to share.

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It gets excellent reviews, but so do lots of restaurants. I wouldn’t lose sleep over any.


I wouldn’t lose sleep over it, but I would keep trying. If you’re at DS anyway, try for a walk-up. Especially in the midafternoon, you will probably have good luck


I would try the reservation finder but there are other options at DS that I would be thrilled to go to.

I love Homecomin’. I wouldn’t lose sleep over not going, but it is delicious. The ADR finder is wonderful–I hope it comes through for you.

Agree - don’t lose sleep, but it is delicious.

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Agree with all, good food, but fine if you miss it. And the ADR finder is worth a try.

Never mind… I had incorrect information. Try the ADR finder :wink:

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I don’t think it is available on Open Table. Raglan and Morimoto’s are.

You’re correct, thank you.

The TP ADR finder found me a reservation for 7 guests for dinner in late August on the night we are at Disney Springs at 7 pm…it came out of the blue just the other day so keep trying and possibly as you get closer to the day you want there maybe cancellations. Good luck!

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After much hype around Homecomin’ I finally made it there a few weeks ago. It was good. Not great… I’ve had great meals at Morimoto’s, Boat House, and Jaleo might be the best of the bunch. I like Raglan Road and even Splittsville as much as Homecomin. I guess the point of my post is there are a ton of great food options. Don’t sweat it if you can’t get in.
Also worth mentioning, I couldn’t get an ADR for Homecomin’ either. We walked up and waited 10 minutes for our table for two. :slight_smile:

Oh man, this gives me hope! I’ve got the reservation finder looking for a Homecomin dinner time that’s not too late on our arrival day, 8/26. No luck so far, but just set it up last Sunday.

Reservation finder just came through! We’re going!


For us, too!! Got the reservation finder notice first thing this morning!


you had me at hummingbird cake