Home delivery question-follow up

How long did it take for your things to arrive?
One of my boxes came very quickly, from WL, bigger delivery from Beach Club isn’t in the system yet.
I called, they said to check later in the week.

Any experiences? This delivery has light sabers in it— does it just take longer?

I think they advised us up to 10 business days.

One time it did take nearly 2 weeks (droids and one saber)
The other time it was relatively quick (some stuffed toys)


When I called it seems it wasn’t in the system yet— makes me nervous! Mailed on 11/4, hopefully an update soon.


Like magic— got a delivery notice!


Well magically arrived. I was surprised everything was just in a box no packing material. Maybe my fault, I thought they actually would pack it all to send. Haven’t tested the light sabers yet.

But the stitch on an Eiffel Tower my daughter bought was broken. I emailed, any chance they will let me get a new one? Anyone have experience? Was from the France pavilion….

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They should replace damaged items they shipped to you.

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Thanks— I was surprised they just throw stuff in a box. I thought they like packed the bags— now I know for next time!

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