Holy cow...what an awesome week

If you have never stayed at BC/YC…DO IT. Amazing. I have stayed at CS before, but BC blows that one out of the water. The room itself is inconsequential. They’re all the same. But the pool at BC…omg. Other than the next door neighbors who had the most spoiled child that whined non stop (connecting door is very thin), we have zero complaints about the hotel. We were in 1579…just a short walk to refill our mugs and right down the hall and out the door to either the quiet pool or stormalong bay. It was so convenient to just hop back to the hotel in the middle of the day to relax at the pool when the parks were super busy and crazy hot. The only one we didn’t do that for was for AK- too far away.


Thank you for the update. I think that we’ve just decided to stay here on out next trip. The proximity to parks and the pool is just so appealing.

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Ive always wanted to stay there just for the pool!!! Glad you had a great experience and thanks for sharing!!!

We stayed at YC last August, our first time staying on-site. We love it! I loved being able to walk to EP and take the boat to HS. I enjoyed the hotel itself too. Our room was very quiet. We didn’t have a view (trees), but it was a great location for sleeping. I also love that every room has a balcony.