Hollywood Touring Plan is inconsistent or am I missing something

I am new to Touring Plans, so I may be missing something. I am looking at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios One-Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children. It says to go to Slinky Dog Dash right at opening to get in line, but then has Slinky Dog Dash as number 9 at the end of the day?

Maybe it thinks they love it so much you do it twice?

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Haha that would make since if Slinky Dog were number 1 on the list, but Millennium Falcon is number 1. On the summary it says “be sure to arrive at the park at least 40 minutes early and then immediately get in line for Slinky Dog Dash after the park opens”.

Are you looking at one of the touring plans in the book, website, or app? I will admit I have only ever used the ones in the book as guide…

Not the OP but I was looking at this plan online through the website. I have been using TPs for years and was also a little confused on this.

Is it the COVID-19 edition? When I look at that one, it has SDD as #9, and it is labeled correctly on the map. Maybe they fixed it?

In my experience, SDD has the longest line of mostly all rides in the park. Best to do it first thing. Millenium falcon is a short walk from Toy story so do that next!

I think it was a Covid - 19 plan. In the plan summary it says to get to the park 40 minutes before opening and head to Slinky Dog Dash. However the steps of the plan have MFSR first.