Hollywood Studios ZERO adr availability?

My ADR date is today for a weeklong trip in April and I made all reservations fine except at Hollywood Studios. We have park reservations on two different days midweek (day 4 and 5 of our stay) and there are no table service reservations available at any time except at Oga’s Cantina. Anyone else had this happen before? I tried changing party size and looking for either lunch or dinner both days, at all table service.

I feel like this is probably some Disney IT glitch and really hope it’s not just going to be that crowded that week (it is Easter Week but I got some primo reservations elsewhere at Topolino’s brunch, Cali Grill dinner, etc). But if it’s an IT glitch what’s my best trick for finding out when reservations are open?

TIA for any insights. I’m not on chat, find it too confusing to follow, so if anyone knows tips from there please do share here. :slight_smile:


My theory is that sometimes managers forget to submit their ADRs to the powers at be to get them loaded into the system. Keep checking.

My ADR day was over thanksgiving. Park reservations were open but no hotel reservations. They showed up the Monday after thanksgiving.


Oh and set up a reservation finder. It should alert you when they start loading. I had more success with the general times “breakfast” rather than 8am.


Yes! When I was booking for last Christmas and for a trip last July I found some days/parks/restaurants were just not open at all. Sci-Fi was one of those. It was frustrating becasue by the time they opened, I lost the onsight advantage, but ultimately I got what I wanted.

You can always call and make sure it isn’t a glitch on your end - which doesn’t sound likely since you are seeing Oga’s.

Good luck!


Following. Will be curious to know how this gets resolved.

…As someone with an ADR day still a couple months away, but with DHS likely for Day 1 or 2.

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I am seeing Sci Fi and Prime Time for the 8th. If your window isn’t opening properly, definitely try incognito, and try search by the restaurant first. If that doesn’t work I would call!


I ditto setting up the reservation finder. I had an issue when booking ADRs for my trip at the end of January (although it was all the resort dining that wasn’t available). It took about a week but eventually i woke up to a flood of texts with my reservations available.


We must be going the same time. I was up at 5AM today but things didn’t open till 6 on the dot. Had 3 devices ready to go. Thought I was having all kinds of issues, but it looks like we had the same problem.

My #1 was Space 220 Lounge on 60+5
My #2 was Fantasmic Dining Package with Sci-Fi Diner on 60+3
My #3 was Sci-Fi Diner (back up) on either 60+2 or 60+5

Did not get Space 220 lounge but did get an 11:40 Space 220 Lunch on 60+5.

Obviously didn’t get #2 or #3 bc of whatever issues HS was having (also saw several Oga’s avail).

I did get Beaches and Cream on 60+2 and 60+5 and hope to replace one with Sci-Fi.

Also got Via Napoli on 60+2.

I set up 10+ alerts with MouseDining.


I checked again this morning and nothing. I think I’ll call today. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with them loading Woodys Roundup Rodeo BBQ ADRs into the system??? Just speculation.

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Yeah nothing in DHS is available right now for April 9. I can imagine every single one is booked solid at the 60 plus for Easter.

We’ve asked on chat if anyone has a dining reservation somewhere other than Oga’s for Easter at DHS.

From Chat: Similar thing happened for my January trip - literally nothing at HS except Ogas loaded for weeks after my ADR day. They all loaded at once one random evening. Keep checking, set a dining alert.

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Just got off the phone with Disney Dining Reservations. Known technology issue yesterday. Rep said that she wasn’t seeing ANYBODY booked for HS ADR’s yesterday for the week in question (4/8/23-4/15/23). Today, she is seeing people booked. Unfortunate bc I set up MouseDining alerts ASAP yesterday morning.

She said Fantasmic Packages have not been released and that is also causing an issue. Her experience is HS restaurants that are a part of the Fantasmic Package hold more Fantasmic ADR’s than non-Fantasmic ADR’s. So, basically, the inventory avail is less than 50% right now for all those restaurants.

She said this happened in January and that when the Fantasmic ADR’s are released that will give you an opportunity to book those but also people will switch from non-Fantasmic ADR’s to Fantasmic ADR’s.

Nothing she could do for me on that call.

She also said, in her opinion, systems are working fine now and this is not related to Woody’s Roundup Rodeo BBQ which was my speculation. Opening date is 3/23/23 but it’s not been put into the ADR booking system yet and likely won’t be till close to that opening date.


Thank you to everyone who has responded here! I so appreciate all the details and knowing I am not the only one with these issues :slight_smile:

I was able to get Mama Melrose and HBD ADRs for April 8 (which doesn’t work for us to actually use but is a test of the system). Everything April 9+ comes up with nada for me except for Oga’s in HS only. I have had no trouble getting reservations for the rest of the week, even at high demand places like California Grill and Topolino’s breakfast.

I feel like from all the responses here I have a comfortable plan (dining alerts set, will just expect them to pop on some random day). But sharing details in case anyone else runs into the same issue, so you know it’s not just you! Thank you to everyone for your help.


It’s so stupid that it negates your early booking advantage from staying on site, but Disney acts like it’s no big deal.


The HS restaurants are now available to book for this week.


And boom goes the dynamite. I got a SciFi but strangely upset I was 40 minutes late o. This post and actually mad my MouseDining alerts didn’t trigger.


THANK YOU! I had half a dozen alerts set and none of them went off. But thanks to your comment here I got exactly the two HS reservations I wanted. Thanks for taking the time to help!!!


You’re welcome! Glad you were able to get your reservations!