Hollywood Studios without Rise of the Resistance

We just decided on an end of April trip. We plan to walk through Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge; however, we do not have plans to ride either of the new rides. I have not been able to find a good suggested touring plan if we aren’t interested in those rides. We normally rope drop, but I have read that Hollywood Studios is much busier in the morning and has lower crowds in the afternoon/evening. I’m trying to make our restaurant reservations but I need to figure out if we will be rope dropping and taking an afternoon break or if we will be coming in later in the day and not taking a break outside the park.

It is likely too far in advance to really know how things will be in the park in April (particularly with the addition of the new Mickey and Minnie ride), but does anyone have any advice on when we should plan on starting our day? My kids are 3 and 7.

Knowing how things are working now (everyone who wants to ride ROTR has to rope drop, then the parks stays busy while they all hang around and wait for their BG time)…I wouldn’t rope drop. I’d build a custom touring plan with an afternoon start time. Supposedly the crowd thins out pretty well in late afternoon.

Then keep an eye on how HS is dealing with ROTR and MMRR to see if you need to change your plans.

HS planning is frustrating for everyone at the moment, as it feels like it could all change at any time. At least with end of April, you’ll have plenty of time to react to how MMRR opening/process is going.

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Thank you. I may just book a couple of different reservations so I have them and then I can cancel closer to the date.

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Personally I would plan on being there early with your FPPs all scheduled very early, then keep scheduling new Tier A FPPs throughout the day and ride till you’re done. Outside of SDD, the other DHS rides aren’t getting hit too hard for FP availability.

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