Hollywood Studios week before SW:GE

Looks like DHS starts to go up one week before SWGE opening. DHS goes from a 1’s on Tues and Wed (9 and 8 days out). To a 5 on Thurs. — one week out. Then a 6 on Friday. Then 9’s on Sat and Sunday. Then 6 and 7’s until opening. Can anyone please explain why Hollywood Studios in August days before Galaxy’s Edge is set to open skyrocketed up to as high as a NINE? First two email updates I received yesterday had these days dropping from 6 to 2, then I got a third where sure enough, 9. So confused and borderline panicked as I’m scheduled to be at HS one of those “9” days.

Unless there’s a soft opening for SW:GE, this makes no sense. Even if crowds begin showing for the opening at WDW a little before August 29th, one would have to imagine HS is the last park they’d want to be at until the new land opens (which is certainly not what the numbers indicate, all the other parks went down). I have found absolutely no evidence to believe a soft opening is coming, so it would seem pretty egregious of TP to put out data based on a blatant guess when subscribers are counting on this data to make plans. If the level is truly a 9, I don’t want anything to do with the park and will have to switch some reservations around.

Ha! Looks like I posted same about 30 mins before you. But yes, this.