Hollywood Studios + Very Merriest After Hours + Indiv Lightning Lane

Hi. I have a specific scenario I want to ask if folks think will work. I am going to Hollywood Studios on Dec 9th during the day and then the Very Merriest After Hours at MK in the evening. I am not buying a Park Hopper ticket. Just a day ticket for HS and the separate After Hours party ticket.

Can I use MDE to purchase at 7am individual Lightning Lane entries for both Rise of the Resistance at HS and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train at MK? Two questions here really that I can’t find answers for: 1) can you buy both of your limited 2 paid LL reservations at the same time, or are they 1 at a time, and 2) can I buy at both HS and MK even though I dont have a Park Hoppper ticket?


The answer to buying both ILL$$ at the same time is yes.

Than answer to can you buy an ILL$$ in a second park without a PH ticket but with a party ticket is I don’t know. I’m imagining we need a Liner to be willing to try it out next week when the first parties start.

I’d like to add a corollary - if you have bought G+ for the day can you reserve G+ LL in MK for the 7-8pm hour for when you arrive for the party?

I don’t know the answers, but wanted to say that we will be at the party on Dec 9th as well! :grinning: