Hollywood Studios Touring Plan for 4 y/o

I’ve worked on creating a TP for 5 people (me, hubby, 4 y/o son, in-laws). The TP is mainly geared towards my son (39" height) who will have just turned 4. I mainly know what attractions we want to do, but I still have a few questions:

  1. SDD FPP - My day for booking FPP is 9/8. We check in to the resort on 11/7 and are going to HS on 11/10. Based on SDD FPP availability, it looks like there is a high probability we won’t be able to get a SDD FPP. I know its suppose to be a great ride, but I’m wondering if we should just skip it if we can’t get a FPP for it. After all, my son won’t know what he’s missing, and he may get more enjoyment out of doing other things he won’t have to wait 90-120 minutes for. I also don’t know how wild the ride is or how my son will react to a roller coaster. The wait seems like such a high cost for an unknown pay-off. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion or recommendation on this?
  2. “Celebrate with Incredibles” is an option to add to my TP, but I thought this was a special attraction that ends at the end of September. Does anyone know if this is an error or if this attraction has been extended?
  3. I don’t expect my son to last well into the evening in the parks (plan most days to end by 6pm), but it looks like Sunset Seasons greetings starts at 6:30pm. I was wondering if this is worth sticking around in the park a little later to catch this. Has anyone seen it in previous years and have an opinion?
  4. If we don’t do SDD, I figure we have room to add a couple other things to our TP, I was curious what people think about the Disney Junior Dance party and DJ party time shows? I was also a little curious about the Jedi training. My son has gotten interested in the Little Golden Star Wars books he got from his Aunt who loves Star Wars, but he’s never seen the movies and I doubt he’d be able to follow them. Would the Jedi training still be fun for him?

Here’s my experience with a barely 5 year old - we didn’t have SDD FPPs because my younger son wasn’t tall enough so I went with Alien Swirling Saucers, and I was subjected to 30 minutes of interrogation about “Why can’t we go on THAT ONE?” It’s so dominant in TSL that it’s hard to just subtly bypass it. Could you try to rope drop it?

My son also has never seen Star Wars - his only familiarity is the Lego Star Wars series, and whatever he’s learned from being in kindergarten. We didn’t do Jedi training because, again, his little brother couldn’t have participated and I was trying to minimize how often he was excluded, and also my son is pretty shy and I didn’t think he’d want to go off on his own. But when he saw all the kids in robes he asked if he could do it next time. He also still talks about Star Tours six months later, and says it was his favourite ride of the whole trip. I’d say go for the training!


Have you thought of having midday breaks? I know that the urge to stay is the parks in too big but you would be amazed how a break changes everyone’s mood.

They are amazing. We went to our first when DD was 4 (this was in Disneyland and they later brought the same show to WDW) and she had a great time. It is a must to everyone who has small kids. The show is super interactive, there’s bubbles and stuff falling from the ceiling which the kids love, and then there’s multiple characters. You definitely want to do this.

DD had her first show also at 4 and she liked it even though she had never seen the movies. Vader and Kylo might look imposing but the cast does a great job at supporting the little ones. I would say do it.

You didn’t mention it in your post but definitely try ASS and TSMM. The shows a less attractive to little kids so I leave those up to you to decide.


Agree it’s hard to miss. You might want to show a YouTube video to see if interested or scared. Then again it looks scarier in person. My DD4 was excited to ride them saw it and said no way. If you RD, you have to get there an hour early. It’s a bit chaotic and you will be slowed down if you have a stroller. You could end up with an hour wait if you’re not at the front of the pack.

On the flip side, AS2 was DD4’s favorite ride. We did that at RD while the masses went to SDD and a smaller mass to TSM. AS2 was walk on and then we did TSM with a 10 minute wait. Now mind you this was pre-SWGE and a 9am opening.

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I would RD SDD, YES to Disney Jr., walk by Jedi Training n see how they feel. Give the little one a toy saber and tell him he can do it “on the side, sneaky like”. :grin:


-I’ve thought abut the mid-day break, but I’m afraid my son still wouldn’t last that late into the evening, even with a mid-day break. Currently, if he doesn’t take a nap during the day, he’s in bed by 7pm. If he does get a nap, he’s in bed by 8pm.
-Thanks for the tip on the jedi training. We’ll definitely try to do it and the dance parties.
-ASS and TSMM are defintely on the TP!

We’re going on a day with EMMH and CL9. Our TP suggests going to meet M&M at RD. It looks like the wait for M&M jumps to an hour for that if we don’t go at RD. ASS and TSMM appear to have an hour wait whether we go at RD or later. SDD is an hour wait at RD and 2 ours later in the day. I understand we could try to get to the front of the RD crowd, but we will have a stroller and 2 grandparents with us.

Ugh! Good luck!

I have a 4 year old little boy and going with husband and in laws (in their 70s). We go in 2 weeks and I’ll try to report back on what he enjoys. He’s obsessed with Toy Story so we did get a FPfor SDD-we will see if that’s worth it! If your in laws don’t care too much, you could split FPS so he can go on that and T.

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Thanks! I’d love to here how things went! We didn’t manage to get a SDD FPP, but I don’t think my son will mind too much. He’ll probably be most excited about meeting the Toy Story characters!

I have been following this VERY closely because I have an Incredibles obsessed DS4 (and I’m a pretty big fan too #workingmompower) but I think it is definitely ending on 9/30. Edna might still meet afterwards though but no dance party. :sob: