Hollywood Studios suggestions...the non-Star Wars edition

I’m creating an alternative set up plans for Hollywood Studios for our non-Star Wars day. Originally, the non-SW day would be our first HS day, and we would arrive at RD. However, if ROTR continues with the BGs, I’m thinking of swapping our days, doing SW first and getting there early, and moving our non-SW day to later…but also not getting into the park until around 1:00 so that we can stay until the fireworks.

So, here’s the question…aside from the obvious (rides!, plus MuppetVision and Indiana Jones), what other things do you find worth doing. Youngest of the kids will be 10, but others will be 16, 18, 22, and 23.

One thing I’m putting in is “Citizens of Hollywood” plus some shopping time, just because I think it is fun to watch them do their thing. It has been 3 years since we’ve been, so I don’t know if they still do things like the mid-day Star Wars show, or the march of the first order, etc.

As of last week they still do the Star Wars show midday. We really enjoy watching Frozen Sing Along & also Beauty & the Beast.

bake in the hot sun in toy story land?

but seriously, you could look for hidden mickeys, pull the rope at indy, research back stories for rides and spot easter eggs (e.g. SDD has a ton). photo pass some cool backgrounds. and most importantly, enjoy the moment of being there.

I’ve seen a couple of places that said March of the First Order ceased in July. Let me know if you find out differently!