Hollywood Studios SDD Rope Drop

Will be at DHS on Tuesday 2/4. No interest in Star Wars. Party of 6 (Me33, DW32, DD5, DS3, GP65, GM64. We have a FP+ for TSM at 9:30 AM. Current CL is 3/10 and park hours 9AM - 8PM.

Any guesses as to how long our wait will be if we RD SDD and arrive around 7:30-7:45?

You are planning to arrive 1h15m to 1h30m before opening on a CL3 day and don’t want to do Star Wars, going directly to SDD at RD - do I understand that correctly?

Essentially no wait at all depending how quickly you can walk there (which will be the limiting factor) - take an extra half hour in bed (at least) if you want it, in my opinion.


You understand me correctly.

I may do a BG just for the heck of it but that wouldn’t impact my family from walking as far as we can until they stop us until 8:45ish as we get ready to RD SDD. We don’t plan on doing Star Tours or SR, maybe just walk through SWGE after lunch.

I had originally planned on getting to DHS at 8:00-8:15 but after hearing people arrive at 5:00-5:30 for 7/8 am park opening “just to get a BG,” I’ve been very nervous about 60/75/90 min wait at SDD even for RD. I’ve heard people are getting there that early and sticking around at DHS until BG’s are called which has made SDD RD times 60/75/90+.

Am I crazy or what?

Honestly it’s still a bit early to make a hard plan on RD for SDD and know if they will still be swamped from BG people. I would plan for the worse, assume it will be packed. I’m there same time frame (2/2-2/8 - i’m doing HS 2/4 afternoon and 2/5 morning) but got a SDD FPP+ - Maybe next 7-10 days we might see a bit of change in the crowd levels or at least know what we are looking at. then take a hard look at the crowd trackers for rides and see for the same crowd level day what do SDD wait times look like. maybe there will be a shorter wait later in the day.
But again, my 2 cents is we won’t know yet.


When you look at specific ride wait times, what do you look for? I have typically only paid attention if someone actually checks in with their times. The charts are a little confusing… any help would be appreciated!

If you get there that early you should have no wait or only a couple of minutes for SDD. Then you could probably still walk on ASS.


Thank you for the response. I read your entire trip blog, great work, and I’m highly impressed. My wife and I actually spoke last night about your trip, what we liked, some things we didn’t, and helped re-affirm what we have planned.

That said, I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I feel pre-RotR opening, a lot of what you and @bigmikeh1965_639024 are saying would definitely be true. Arriving 90 minutes would be overkill and lead to minimal SDD wait. However, it’s just tough to tell with what’s happened over the last 4 weeks. How much of “that” (people arriving 90 minutes early to make sure to get an early BG and then sticking around until said BG and crowding up DHS in the morning) is newness of RotR or holidays, and how much of that is becoming the new normal.

My gut tells me to arrive around 8:00 AM for the current 9:00 AM opening, but I guess I’m willing to move that up 30 minutes to 7:30 AM if trip reports and YouTube videos show DHS is still crazy in the month of January.

Any thoughts?

they can be confusing, i typically look for peaks and valleys that seem consistent to a time frame.

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Sorry to be a pain. There are like 6-7 statistics being measured on those charts. I was curious if there is one thing you look at more than the others…

  1. “Wait times the crowd calendar predicted” (solid blue line)
  2. “Adjusted predictions in line throughout the day” (solid red line)
  3. “Actual wait in line submitted by users” (green dot)
  4. “The average wait time we predicted” (dashed blue line)
  5. “The average wait time we saw” (dashed red line)
  6. “Disney posted wait time at the attraction” (black dot)
  7. “Observed wait times” (pink line)

They all have value when guessing on future dates but concentrate on the red lines for what you are looking for I think. Solid red one mostly