Hollywood studios rise of the resistance

Now that Hollywood Studios is opening at 8:00 am, what time should I arrive at the park in hopes of securing a boarding pass for Rise of the resistance? We will be visiting 2/19.

This question was recently covered here:

TL:DR - IMHO at least 60 minutes early

You just need to tap in before park open. We arrived 30-40 mins before park open. No issues. (One being 8 am open) The only reason to get there any earlier is if you want to get on MFSR or SDD sooner.

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There’s absolutely no advantage that I can think of to get there any earlier than is required to get your party through the tapstiles by 8:00. You can even tap in and immediately leave and go some place less nuts. Disney won’t know you have left until you tap in somewhere else.

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