Hollywood Studios on 8/22

So, we’ve had our trip planned for long before Star Wars was supposed to open. We have HS planned on 8/22. People keep saying that there could potentially be a soft opening of Star Wars on 8/22. Does that mean the park will be insanely crowded that day? At this point, it would be really hard to change park days with our FPP and ADRs all worked out. So stressed out!

The AP preview is supposed to conclude 8/21. Any soft opening rumors are just that right now - rumors.
While it’s not impossible to have a soft opening occur, from my personal experience working at theme parks, they’ll use that week before actually opening, on 8/29/19, to correct any issues or make improvements.

From my view, the AP preview is their soft opening.

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Just FYI…

Media previews are scheduled from the 22nd to 26th, invites are already out for those dates.

Whilst not impossible that they would soft open if the media people were done for the day, I don’t think they will risk having the two groups in at the same time.

The most likely date for a soft opening would be the 27th, the day before the “dedication ceremony”.

However, if the response to the media previews is lack-lustre, they could open the doors. I don’t know how these things work though. Whether they have to accept for a specific date, or whether they are free to visit any time over the 5 days.


Thank you for sharing the media preview dates.

Our current HS plans are the evenings of August 22 and 27, possibly EMH morning of August 25 (that day can be a sleep-in or resort day if we need one), and then rope dropping August 29th. I am not at all expecting soft opening but every time a rumour or speculation lines up with one of our dates I have a little flutter of hope. So I guess I’ll be keeping my eyes open on the 27th. But mostly I’m just happy the 29th is a possibility.