Hollywood Studios morning without FP?

It looks like nothing that I want to do in Hollywood Studios on my final day of my solo trip will require a FastPass. I didn’t like Tower of Terror, so I’ll be skipping it. I did the Great Movie Ride last time, so I’m fine with skipping it too. I have no interest in doing Toy Story Midway Mania all by myself. It just seems wrong to not book any though!

I can get my TP to use three, but they just don’t seem necessary. Should I go ahead and book them? Does anyone have any experience with a morning at HS without FP?

These are the things I really want to do…

Rock 'n Roller Coaster
a quick cupcake breakfast at Starring Rolls
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
One Man’s Dream
Beauty & the Beast
Studio Backlot Tour
Star Tours
lunch at Hollywood Brown Derby
Animation Academy

Here’s my plan, by the way. http://touringplans.com/plans/990221
It looks almost the same when I take the FastPasses out.

Hmmm… I tried to click on your plan but it told me I didn’t have access to it. I would go ahead and book them (for whichever will save you the most time) just in case something unforeseen happens (like a big touring group right in front of you in standby!). I like the looks of your day! :smile:

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can’t see the plan. not allowed., but based on your list, if you rope drop RNRC, I can’t see needing any FPP’s.

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Thanks @LoveBug53. I wonder if there’s something I have to change in settings to make the link work? Anyway, the order is the same as I typed them here. It doesn’t seem to matter which FP I put in as options. The times stay pretty much the same. I’ll probably get 3 FP tonight, but I won’t worry too much about them. I wonder if the Frozen stuff will still be happening Nov 7? I’m not interested in any of it, but should probably pay attention to how the Frozen things affect traffic patterns and crowds. I’m hoping to meet a few Liners for lunch or drinks at HBD. :smile: I think it will be a good day.


I think I fixed it so the link works now.

Any interest in riding RnRC twice? You could do it at RD, then FPP later. That’s what DH and DD did. Looks like a good day!


Great minds think alike! I just added that. I’ve never done RRC before, but if I like it the FP for later will be nice. Also, it will give me wiggle room for arriving late.


Still can’t see it. Is it just me? It’s almost as bad as being told my body is invalid. :wink: Just kidding. (It’s much worse.) Lol!

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Maybe this one will work.

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That works!!

It looks awesome! You have a nice day planned. The only thing I’m wondering about is animation academy - does it run on the hour and half hour? It has you arriving at 2 minutes past 2 and getting in with a 9 minute wait. I’m not sure if that is accurate. It isn’t something I’ve done yet - plan to! - but just from what I’ve seen other people post regarding the timing of the class. If you can get there just a bit before 2 pm, maybe you’ll hit the timing perfect. :smile: