Hollywood Studios Monday, May 27th

HI! Can anyone give me some feedback on our morning plans?

Rope drop
Star Tours
Frozen sing-along 10:30 show
Lunch-Mama Melrose’s 11:40 am

Really wondering about my Frozen timing. Thanks!!

Have you put it into touring plans? Will you have fast passes? I’d imagine you want to be at Frozen by 10:15ish, which means you’re trying to do 3 fairly major rides in 75 minutes…

Thanks…I did put plans into touring plans and it has rope dropping Tot taking 36 minutes and I would imagine that would not be correct so I wasn’t sure how valid the plans are!

I would suggest putting in a 15 minute break right at 9 to cover ToT, and then seeing what it says about the rest of your day - I think the plan assumes you’re behind the rope drop crowd.

Thank you!! That’s a useful trick!