Hollywood studios little "extras"

Lots of interest and people asking for an email of the list i put together so i decided here (after it was suggested) would be the best way for everyone to see it instead of emailing. Please keep in mind i have not actually done any of these as they are extra things i have collected for our upcoming trip.

  • trade with jawas at star wars launch bay

  • jawas only trade non value items and may reuse many times so keep trying.

  • ask jawa for picture not their “friend” because friend will likely say no but jawa may agree

  • pull the rope at indy

  • hang out after indy show he may sign autographs or take pictures

  • look for key under the welcome mat at muppets entrance

  • stand in front row in front of stage during stormtrooper march for special thrill

  • get picture taken with bellhops outside tower of terror.

  • if you see bellhop with suitcase outside tower of terror ask what’s in it and for the special entrance

  • ask for cowboy at great movie ride instead of the gangster

  • say to woody “howdy partner. I’d like to meet a rootin tootin cowboy on this here horseless contraption”

  • say to woody/buzz/jesse “andys coming”. They use to hit the ground but not any more they may still do a few different things though so worth a try. They will try to ignore you so make sure they acknowledge you.

  • take a picture on speed bike

  • at night go by the line of star tours there is an ewok village you can hear them talking

That’s all i have for now. I plan on putting a list together for the other parks as well (for our trip) so when i get them together i will post them as well. Please feel free to add any tips or extra things you may have to the list. Please feel free to email me ( jess4358@gmail.com )the tips/extras so i can add them to my master list. Thanks to everyone that has given any tips/extras. Hope this list is helpful to others as well.


Thanks for the list…I just printed it to put in my folder

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Thanks for this!

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THANKS! I will print, save…whatever it takes to remember for our trip.