Hollywood Studios: Jedi Trials and Slinky Dog on same day?

For any of you Disney pros, is there a way to do both the Jedi Trials AND Slinky-Dog Coaster on the same day without having to wait in a crazy line (especially for the latter)?

We have a Fast pass for Toy Story Mania between 10-11am. Have 6, 10, and 11 year olds who all want to do Jedi Trials, and four adults who can do the legwork/serve as mules/etc!

If past experiences are still true, we have to go right over to Jedi Trials to sign up first thing. But if we do that, do we miss out on beating the crowd to Toy Story Land? Does having that Fast pass help?
Any strategies?

Since Toy Story Land opened, you don’t need to rush to sign ups. You can finish over there and then go to sign up.

Also, kids need to go with the adult to sign up.

Interesting. You’re saying to go to Slinky Dog first and then go sign up for Jedi Trials?

Yes. Since Toy Story Land opened, everyone goes straight there and you can signup for JTA until at least lunchtime.

I think ultimately it depends on which is more important to you.

Whilst many people have seemed to be able to sign up for JT much later since TSL opened, I wouldn’t want to risk it if my kids really wanted to do it. You can always wait in a longer line to ride, but once JT is full that’s your chance gone.

I used the same reasoning when booking FPs for the Indy show on Dec 30th. And was very glad I did, we saw people getting turned away from the SB line as we arrived for our FP, even before they started letting the SB line into the theatre. Sometimes the unlikely happens!

I have heard the same from wdwprepschool.com and other sources that you no longer need to rush to Jedi sign up but I guess it is always a risk of it filling up. More so if going on a high CL day?
You could try for a PPO breakfast H&V to sign up for Jedi trials before eating but it may put you behind the TSL RD crowd. Also your age kids may not be into the characters there.
This may be a good reason to take advantage of EMM if offered during your dates? It is costly though!

What is the crowd level on your DHS day? We just did JTA on 10/31 CL 1 day. We did the last show of the day at 7 pm (by choice) signed up at 10:35 am and there were spots open all day. There were even three “walk ons” at 7 pm!!

Depends whether you can be flexible on the time of Jedi training. If you are front of the pack then you should be able to sign up and still be in a good position for SDD, or vise versa. With a 10am FPP for TSMM, I would do sign up first as it saves you crossing the park. Another option if you have park hoppers is EMH at HS just for TS Land, and then hopping to another park.

We want to spend the morning at HS with 9 am opening, CL7. We will have FPP for SDD but want to do TSMM, AS2, and Jedi training, all before noon. Will be there early for RD. What should we do–sign up for Jedi at RD so we get a morning spot, then rush to AS2 and TSMM and then use FPP for SDD? Or RD AS2 and then do TSMM, head back to Jedi sign ups, and then back to do SDD with FPP? I have RD’d TSL but never done sign ups for Jedi so wondering how this will work.
ETA how do you account for signups on TP? Add a break for how long?

Yes I’ve put it as a 15 min break at RD. I think since you need a morning show you might be best to go straight to signups, but there won’t be a long line these days so you shouldn’t take a long time. There’s still a part of me that thinks you should do at least 1 TSL ride first, but then you’re wasting time backtracking. JTA takes about an hour all told as you’ve got to be back 30 mins before the show so make sure you factor that in. Though if you’re only 20 mins, they won’t give your slot away.

How far back for Slinky would we likely end up of we went straight to Jedi Trial sign up at RD? I really think the strategy above of Slinky first then backtrack to Jedi signup.is the smartest, but my son would be devastated if by some chance Jedi booked up and he missed it. I’m really not sure what to do here

It hasn’t booked up early since TSL started. Unless you need a specific morning show, do Slinky first.

I would do Jedi sign up first, with a SDD FP you should easily be able to get it all in. We got to the park around 8:40 on a 9 am day, and were able to go immediately to Jedi training while everyone was packed together waiting to be able to go to SDD. We had a short wait for sign ups, could pick any time and chose 11:40, because we had a noon ADR. We slowly made our way to TSL, stopping to meet Olaf, Minnie and Mickey with no lines at all. When we got to TSL about 9:05 the posted wait time for TSMM was 60 minutes, but we stood in line only 15 minutes. We had hoped SDD would also have a shorter line than posted, but after waiting about 15 minutes, we realized that if we kept waiting, we’d miss our FP for AS2 and then have to meet for training. So, we got out of line, did AS2 and then made our way over to training at 11:10. I noticed we were the only ones who actually got there the 30 minute mark pre-show. If we had had a FP for SDD, we could have easily done all three rides before being at training at 11:10-11:15 for the 11:40 show.

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Perfect. Sounds like you had a great morning. Hoping our day goes as smoothly.

I concur with above, JT sign up first as you need a morning slot, 11:40am sounds perfect if you want to be finished by noon. I would arrive at 8am, that way you’re not in a crowd and it’s a pleasant wait, DH always stands, but I take a blanket for the girls and I to sit and eat breakfast and chat to those around us. Pre toy story land, we had signed up for JT by 8:50, and were back near the front of the pack for TSMM, which we finished by 9:05am. I would get a FPP for SDD if you can, and probably do AFS before TSMM as it’s a lower capacity ride.

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