Hollywood Studios Jan 1


Here’s my plan. I think its a good one but the crowd calendar indicates a 10 but this plan looks like it will be a breeze with the exception of the sing along. Am I missing something? Does is look reasonable?

2 girls age 11 and 8
Disney Dad and Mom
Our 2nd trip

I think Frozen should be fine. Its so close to Indy that you should be able to dash from on to the other - as long as you are kind of near an exit and don’t get caught in a crowd you should be fine. I wonder though about lunch. 50 minutes seems like it might be cutting it close. Our very recent experience was that reservations still meant a 15 minute wait to be seated.

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I’m seeing 70 min for lunch, and even with delayed seating, that should be OK. DON’T forget the Osborn Lights!!! I would plan on getting back to the park about 60 min prior to the start of F! so you can see the lights. This is their last year.

Thank you! I thought Osborn was over by end of December! Exciting!