Hollywood Studios FP Tiers

The site lists the Hollywood Studios Tier 1 attractions as 3 x Toy Story, Aerosmith, Fantasmic and Beauty and the Beast. I currently have FP booked for both Toy Story Mania and Beauty and the Beast though. Any idea if the tiers have changed?

The tiers are changing with the opening of Toy Story Land. Tier 1 (choose 1) will include everything in that new land. Tier 2 (choose 2) will include everything else.


Ah thank for that. Makes sense now. To help with planning the HS page would benefit from an update to reflect the FP changes after June 30 2018. Thanks again!

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Iā€™m sure they will update it come the end of June. But since people are still making plans for the current set of tiers, they are keeping them current.

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