Hollywood Studios FP+ Tiering Question

I apologize if this has been asked before. Please feel free to let me know.

We plan on getting a FP+ for SDD. Are we able to book another tier 1 FP+ after we do SDD if it’s the only FP+ we have scheduled when we enter the park? Or, do we need to book 2 other tier 2 FP+ for shows that we do not want to see so that we have 3 FP+ used before we can book another tier 1? For example, we could get a show for 9AM, a show for 10AM and then SDD for 11AM.

Do we need to book the other 2 or not? Also, if we do, can we scan our magic bands and then not waste time seeing the shows? Any help would be great!

You do not have to book your two Tier 2 FPs… but you can’t book a second Tier 1 FP unless you do.

If you do choose, and use, two Tier 2 FPs on shows, you do not have to actually attend the shows. You just have to scan the bands.

There have been mixed results as to whether you can skip scanning in, and just let the Tier 2s expire. It’s faster to scan, walk away, amend FP #3 to an immediate showing, scan and walk away again. This will get you to to a second Tier 1 FP asap.


My plan is to do the following:- Book
SDD 9 - 10
Muppetvision 10:30 - 1130
Star tours for 11.30 - 12.30

We’re staying on site, so have emh, so plan to rope drop one of the star wars rides.

Then, Once your in the queue for SDD at 9, use the app to try and modify your fast pass for Star tours to asap, hopefully around 9.30.

Again, once you’re in the queue for Star tours modify your Muppets fastpass for ASAP.

You can then either see Muppets or just tap in and leave. Either ways you should be done with your first 3 fastpasses by just after 10am and can start booking other tier 1 ones.

From looking at same day availability, Rock and roller coaster, tower of terror and toy story mania all look fairly easy to get within the next hour most of the time, so I plan on getting them next, and then try to get alien swirling saucers last.

If alien swirling saucers is important to you, you may want to prioritise that as your first same day one. From checking, there usually seems to be availability at about 1pm if you’re looking at 10am, and you should be able to get the other 3 fastpasses by close if you’re there all day.

We plan to knock out the other star wars ride in the afternoon some time, one everything else is done.


Typically, I just went and checked the Same Day fastpasses for today and theres no Star Tours till 5pm, which I’ve not seen before.
No plan ever survives testing it seems!

So it may be a better idea to go:
SDD 9.00 - 10.00
Star Tours 10.00 - 11.00
Muppets 11.00 - 12.00

And try and modify only muppets.

Is the 2020 Unofficial Guide incorrect on this point then?

In their HS FP+ section it says “In general, the best overall FastPass+ strategy for now may be to make exactly one early-morning reservation for any ride as described above, and nothing else. Once you’ve used that reservation, you’ll be able to obtain same-day fast passes for any rides that have them.” (p.608)

As far as I recall, they managed to do that once in their blog. But it is definitely not correct advice for 99.99% of guests, MDE doesn’t allow it. It was a glitch that day.

Didn’t realise it was in the guide though. :astonished:

Kk. The book seemed inconsistent with what I’m seeing on most sites so I was highly suspicious if it was accurate.

Tentatively we’re planning to visit HS on Jan 7 & 9. Each of those days, I’m thinking we book a Tier 2 for 9am (that we just let expire while we RD a Star Wars headliner each day and then if there’s time, any of our wanted unbooked Tier 1 with a short line we can squeeze in), a Tier 1 for 10am, and a Tier 2 for 11am. After tapping in to ride the Tier 1, we try to modify the 11am to an earlier time, tap in to clear it, and try to snatch up another Tier 1.

We’re hoping to knock enough stuff out in the mornings to be able to only spend a half day at HS on one of those days.

Does that make sense? (Assuming nothing changes with FP+ or EMH)

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I would strongly recommend against acquiring a Tier 2 and letting it expire. This works for some, reportedly. Others have reported that this didn’t work, and the system still made them truly use (tap in at) two Tier 2s… effectively making them burn 3 Tier 2s, because it didn’t recognize the unused, untapped Tier 2. Problem is, you won’t find out which outcome you’re going to get until you’ve committed, and if you fall into the latter category, you’ve just strategized yourself into a hole.

To elaborate on the above, what’s happening (to some, not all) is that they are using their Tier 1 while letting one or both of their Tier 2s to expire naturally. They then go on to MDE thinking they’re about to pick their second Tier 1 for the day… but no. The system indicates that they haven’t used all their Tier 2s, and must do so before picking additional Tier 1s.

I have no idea what % are getting one or the other outcome. Based on the anecdotal responses I’ve seen here, it feels about 50/50 (no idea if that’s accurate). I’d rather err on the side of taking a bit longer to burn all three initial FPs (if you modify your two shows, it really shouldn’t take too long), rather than take a chance and have it not work out.

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If you’re heading straight to GE, it would be pretty easy to tap into ST or Muppets on the way by, wouldn’t it? You could even send a runner with all the MB’s if some of your group are slow walkers. Then you don’t run the risk of having the frustrating outcome @Crasstastic described.


Some people have said sometimes letting a FP expire doesn’t use it / count it. To be safe, you may want to still go to the Tier 2 show, tap in and be sure it registers attendance. You don’t have to go in but just tap and leave.

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