Hollywood Studios Fireworks Show and Fantasmic

If what we are reading is true, then starting January 5th there will be a Star Wars themed fireworks show at Hollywood studios. I have a Fantasmic dining reservation on Saturday January 10th. Fantasmic is at 7 and that is when the park closes. Does anyone know or have any educated guesses as to when the fireworks will be and will you be able to do Fantasmic and see the fireworks?


following. I am curious too what time the fireworks would be on a typical night.

I am also interested in knowing. We will be there until the 6th so not only interested in what time the HS fireworks will be, but what if any impact that will have on the other parks.

Following this post too!! We will be there in February and curious about the fireworks.

I am curious as well. Question for those of you with more experience: on MDE, I could make a dessert party reservation for the HS fireworks at 7:00. Do most dessert parties in the other parks start approximately a half hour before the actual fireworks? If so, I’m thinking I can assume that the fireworks would be at 7:30 on that night, when Fantasmic is at 7. Any thoughts?

In MK the dessert party is an hour before Wishes.

I found this information, also said dessert party is an hour before fireworks and for 15 minutes after start. Matches with my reservation for 7pm on January 28.
“Fireworks will be nightly from Jan. 5th through March 19th from Jan. 5th through March 6th fireworks will be at 8pm March 7th through March 12th fireworks will be at 8:30pm March 13th through March 19th 9:30pm”


Can you remember where you found that? Does that mean the park will be open later than what is now on MDE website? I don’t know how long it takes for them to get it all updated, but it stresses me out to spend that much on a dessert party in a park that supposed to be closed before the party starts (unless it was going to be a private party - ha)!

shhhh it was the competition from the dark side. http://www.disboards.com/threads/updated-official-sw-launch-bay-and-symphony-in-the-stars-thread-dessert-party-review-pg-251.3439569/page-251

I have seen some revised time postings, and I think park is open.