Hollywood Studios Feb 5th, Booked 4 FB, ToT, & Toy Story

I ended up with 4 FB, two considered A tier? Anyone else experience this?

Going to HS 2/4. Just tried to modify one of my Tier 2 and no Tier 1 rides showed avail. Tried to modify my TSM (Tier 1) FP and ToT and RnR both showed avail.

That is how it works. You cannot change a tier2 FP to a tier1 FP, unless you only have 3 x tier2 FPs in the first place.

I would keep an eye on them, one may get cancelled.

Otherwise you got some pixie dust. I know MDE was glitching badly yesterday, maybe you got in at the right time! :slightly_smiling_face:

You are right. When I refreshed the page later it kicked one off. I only have one A Tier.

Well that’s a pity. :frowning:

Have you got the one you really wanted?

Yes, so that’s a blessing. I was hoping they were making changes.