Hollywood Studios Fastpass+

Question: With the transition to only being able to get 1 Tier1 Fastpass at Hollywood studios, I was wondering how to get a second in-day. Obviously if I book a Tier1 fastpass upfront, I have to wait to use it, but the question is whether I need to book and use 2 Tier 2 fastpasses prior to being able to get a second Tier 1 Fastpass.

Yes. Book them and either use or tap in. Letting them expire may work but it may not and cause you problems.


Yes. You have to use both of the Tier 2 FPP to get another Tier 1. If there aren’t Tier 2 shows you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the show, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, this is glitchy. They don’t always delete after they time has passed.

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Thanks guys. The language used in this subtle area is not precise enough to get to this conclusion without help.

Another question, which may be lesser known is related, but regarding park hopping.

If I visit say Animal Kingdom in the morning and don’t use all 3 fast passes (maybe just say one tier 1 fast pass), is there any requirement about using Tier 2 fastpasses before getting a Tier One fastpass at say Hollywood Studios. How about a second Tier One at Hollywood Studios after same situation?

Many thanks in advance - my family really likes the rides at Hollywood Studios and want to have the best possible plan for touring options. We’re headed down in middle of November, so we should have a reasonable expectation and understanding for what in-day fastpass availability will be at Hollywood Studios with the new Tiers and Galaxy’s Edge introduction.

If you park hop and only pre-book less than three FPs, as soon as you tap into the first one, you can immediately book your remaining initial ones (taking you up to three) at any park. You could also cancel one or two existing ones and do the same.

For park hopping, there are no tier rules across parks, only within a park.

If you just used an FP for Flight of Passage, you could do either of:

  • book a tier 1 FP at Epcot and a tier 1 at DHS

  • book a tier 1 and a tier 2 at Epcot or DHS

Does that make sense?

Once you’ve booked and used the initial three FPs, there are no tier rules at all.

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I think this makes sense. Just to be clear about rules:

  1. one can only make fastpass reservations to one park at a time.
  2. the in-park tier rules still apply until you’ve used first three fast passes

So for example if I go to AK and do a FP for Flight of Passage, after scanning in I can grab a FP for Rocking Roller Coaster. However, I must scan in to a Tier 2 ride before I can get my second Rocking Roller Coaster FP. (If only but hopefully useful as an example).

Thanks again.

Ahead of time - yes. On the day - no.


So you’re correct, you would need to have a tier 2 FP somewhere before you could book RnR again.